Saturday, April 10, 2010

French International - Podium Training

Woke up to a flood of news and reports from the Paris-Bercy event.

GA have put up yet another photo-filled update from women's podium training. The MLC site has a more detailed update here about how training went. Hope the girls can handle the noise alright!I love that kiddies are clamouring for Gee-Whizz's autograph! That's got to be a confidence booster.

The Gymnastics Examiner did a live podium training report here (nothing really about the Aussies except that they were in attendance).

French fan forum is putting up some smashing photos from the arena. At this particular moment in time there are none of the Aussies, though I don't doubt there will be some soon. The French fans are the ones in the thick of things, I expect lots of news and update from them (as much as my university-level French language studies will let me understand).

Unfortunately, I double-booked myself for today and am unable to attend the MLC Classic. If any of you are attending and can send some media nuggets my way, I'd love to hear from you!


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Georgia's tkatchev looks amazing - I hope we see some cool variations in the future like piked tkatchev or hindorff because she totally has the technique down. If she keeps building her DV she could have an easy ticket onto the team in future as an awesome VT/UB girl for team finals with AA capabilities too.

Does anyone know when her harder vaults are expected to be ready? Peggy mentioned she was drilling them at the Jan camp but I was curious as to what kind of time frame would be needed.

Anonymous said...

Where did Georgia Wheeler come from? it seems she has just appeared as a senior. That said, it seems she may just be a 'fad' like others that have come before her.

Anonymous said...

She didn't come from nowhere, she was just competing routines with much lower difficulty.

I think she's in for the long haul, from the sounds of it she's got her head screwed on right and it doesn't seem like she'll have issues with her physique like Hollie Dykes did for example.

I think she can eventually compete very high difficulty sets because she obviously has good basics and is not limited by a lack of power. I think presentation and dance elements will be the main challenge for her.

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Good Luck girls

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You can follow the meet here:

and here: