Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pacific Rim News: AGB Posters

Slow going at the moment, folks.

These are the first of my completed posters.

My Team Australia one is green and gold but otherwise blank. I can't think of a good slogan. I'd love your suggestions! Post them in a comment or email me at

I also picked Nastia-inspired pink cardboard for Team USA and got as far as putting a red heart in the middle. I thought about "I <3 USA" but then thought maybe there are some fans out there who'll be attending that might want to do an individual shout out to a US team member? "Melbourne <3's Bridget" or something? Drop me a line at the email address above as soon as possible and let me know if you'd like to hold the poster and spread the love among the stands for our international visitors. You can even keep it as a memento!

I'm running low on time and resources, so I won't end up with as many posters as I originally planned!


Anonymous said...

So awesome!I'm sure the other countries will really appreciate the support!

Anonymous said...

I will make sure the New Zealanders look out for the sign.
Is fab

Anonymous said...


i choose wieber over bieber!

(don't understand the fuss over that guy)

Mez said...


I like your style. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mez, Pacific Rim face book has some good photos.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they would let you tape them up on the barrier at the font of the seating block? That would be a great way to get them seen.