Monday, April 5, 2010

Other April Assignments

The Pacific Rim page at Facebook has put up a little piece about the recent WAG team selection. It contained the following -

Although Mitchell attended the squad camp at the AIS, Liddick decided her participation at the Pacific Rim Championships was not worth the risk.

“Lauren has got a torn ligament in her ankle which is going to take a lot longer than anticipated to heal,” said Liddick of her young charge who won silver on beam and floor at last year’s world championships in London.

“There was absolutely no way I was going to take a risk on her by pushing it too early. She’s still in an air-brace, and she gets a scan next week to see how it’s healing and to see what the next step is.

“It’s more me being super cautious with her than anything else.”

Liddick said the selection of the three senior girls was the start of the ‘changing of the guard’ in Australian gymnastics as they head towards the London 2012 Olympics.

“I anticipate all three seniors, Georgia, Emily and Larissa to be the core of our Commonwealth and 2012 Olympic qualification team at worlds this year.

“It’s a changing of the guard absolutely. It always happens the second year of an Olympic cycle. These kids are coming of age and are first year seniors and they’re certainly making their mark.

“This is a fantastic opportunity (for the girls), put them out there and see how they go. I’ve been going to the Pacific Rim for the last 30 years and it’s a fantastic meet.

“The USA are sending their top guns out, so they’re going to be absolutely fantastic, the best scores I’ve seen going around the world.

“Russia are deep and they’ll send some quality gymnasts out, China will be strong, and Canada, they’re sending out their best six, so they’re out to win a medal.”

Miller, Wheeler and Little will have their first big hit out prior to the Pacific Rim Championships this weekend, when they head to Paris for the French International World Cup event.

April is an exciting month for gymnastics, with quite a few competition opportunities in addition to the Pacific Rim Championships.

This weekend sees the MLC Gymnastics Club Senior Classic, featuring budding younger gymstars, mighty tough national level-ers and some exciting seniors - recent camp attendees included! Read more about the event here. Just when I was looking at sitting around at home this Saturday...!

The 2010 Victorian Women's High Performance Centre Senior Invitation will take place on April 17. It takes place over two sessions, which you can find more information about here. AGB will most likely be in attendance for that too!

I also extend hearty congratulations to the following girls named to this month's Pre-Olympic Youth Cup in Germany (also announced at camp last week):

(pictured L-R) Amelia McGrath, Emma Nedov, Georgia Rose Brown and Angela Donald

You can read a little camp wrap-up by Lauren Mitchell here. It appears Dasha Joura attended the camp as well!

Don't forget to also save some cheers for our Paris-bound team of Georgia Wheeler, Emily Little and Larrissa Miller! You can see the official event website here.


Anonymous said...

Is Angela the cutest thing ever?
Love this team

Anonymous said...

So pleased that Angela was chosen. She is quality! Hope she is in for good things to come :)

Anonymous said...

really? i mean i think ang is a good gymnast but nothing spectacular? she hasn't done anything for me

Anonymous said...

There is a new article up by Lauren about the camp that says Dasha was there? I didn't see her in any of the photos....but good news if she was. I was under the impression she was completely done with gymnastics.

Also mentions they had 42 girls there which is pretty good turnout for jnr/snr.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon 2.45 pm. i mean she has good technique and has a good beam routine but shes always injured and she hasn't done anything worth noticing in the past little while. hopefully germany will be a chance to show her skills.

Anonymous said...

where is the article from Lauren?

Anonymous said...

linked on their twitter and facebook

Also, nobody is saying Angela is a messiah, but she is certainly has great toepoint and charisma.

Alanna said...

I do like her style. She looks neat and tidy and she has some serious funk. Alot of gymnasts don't have style (like rebecca bross) they just go through the motions and they can't really make their routines memorable.
And remember that Angela is still young and has alot to offer so she's probably been chosen to gain experience as well.

Good luck to the girls!

Anonymous said...

Whilst a very basic skill, Ang has the best cast to handstand I have ever seen.
The shape is perfect at every point.

IMHO this is the style of all her skills.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited about the MLC Juniors and Seniors.
Georgia is in Paris, Alex is recovering from injury as are Chloe and Clare and I think Amelia is just resting and spending time preparing for Pacific Rim.

Mez said...

Be that as it may Anon 8:13, there will be HPC, Jets, Grips and Waverley (among others) from IDP10/N10 upwards in attendance as well.

Anonymous said...

Are you good for the sessions times Mez?

Let me know if you need details.

Anonymous said...

i totally disagree with what everyone has said about ang. i dont think she has any charisma at all. her floor routine dance is nothing special and she always falls or is short on her cast to handstands.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I guess some of us who don't normally see her will be able to see for ourselves soon.