Friday, April 16, 2010


Not only is Phil Rizzo confirmed to be out of Pacific Rim with injury, the team reserve Martin Jozwiak is out, too!

GA says:

Rizzo has battled niggling shoulder inflammation since before the trial but persevered under light training loads in the hope that his shoulder would respond in time to take his place in the men's team.

Unfortunately, an MRI yesterday revealed that the shoulder is not responding as well as first hoped and that a period of rest and rehabilitation is required in order to avoid any further inflammation.

This disappointment comes just days before the men's team is due to head to Canberra for their final preparations ahead of the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships in Melbourne.

Team reserve Martin Jozwiak (WA) has also been ruled out of taking Rizzo's place owing to injury, with Victorian Luke Wadsworth and New South Welshman Luke Wiwatowski flying into camp next Tuesday to be put through their paces.

A decision on Rizzo's replacement is expected by Thursday 22 April.

Get well soon, Phil and Martin! This is very unfortunate timing but here's hoping you can recover for the big events going on later this year.

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