Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pacific Rim News: More Media

A breakdown of the Victorian PRC participants by suburb is here (with some additional comments from Peggy Liddick).

Though home-field advantage is often a big plus in sport, Liddick said the Australian coaching staff would be working hard to ensure the young team remains fully-focussed on the competition floor.

“It would be easy to look up in the stands and wave at granny, when they should be thinking about their beam routine.”

Below is French coverage of the recent Paris-Bercy international, featuring Emily Little's vaults from the final (thanks bundles, Marine!)

Here is her beam from qualifications (with thanks to eipos24).

Here's a different angle on her vault from one I previously posted.

Aaaaaaand here's Georgia Wheeler's beam for good measure!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vids, Mez!

Georgia shows a nice amount of flair on beam (especially considering the falls -- good on her for still giving full effort!). I think she will end up being quite a good performer when she feels a bit more comfortable with the routines and can relax a bit more. Also -- she is very springy, especially with that front sault! So high on the landing. I can see why Peggy likes this girl.

Emily's qualification vault was huge! Not a huge fan of her beam at this stage, but she looks like she'll be a solid and consistent performer, which is something Australia needs. And with vaulting like that, she will no doubt be making teams for some time to come.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that Georgia shows potential on beam; consistency seems to be an issue but hard to know how long she has been doing skills/connections for. The dismount was pretty good considering that I'm pretty sure it's a new connection for her.

And wow Emily's qualification vault showed quite a bit - will have to pick up the second vault if looking to be competitive in vault finals but fantastic for the team to have a DTY.

Anonymous said...

I think it goes to show how much work Emily needs on posture, flex and extension. Despite her hitting that beam routine cold, she only scored 8.075 execution. The sissone was really quite poor. Hopefully they can work out some better combos for her that do not show her weaknesses off so much.

Mez said...

I have to give Emily kudos for that BHS-LOSO-LOSO sequence; that's the steadiest one I've seen in a while. These days we see a lot of arm-flapping and twisted hips.

Both gymnasts are extremely powerful; I'd love to see it harnessed/channeled in the right way and they can get more consistent. To have two Sacramone-esque gymnasts on the team would be awesome!

PS: Word just in, Alexandra Raisman (from the same gym as Sacramone) top-scored on vault at the team USA selection camp.

Mez said...

Correction - front aerial, BHS LOSO sequence! My bad.

Anonymous said...

Personally, if I never see another front aeriel-bhs-loso series, it will be too soon!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bross isn't even at camp so I doubt she's coming over. Hopefully Sloan and Raiseman are still coming. Mattie Larson makes the trip- she's a lovely gymnast and it would be interesting to see how she has matured.

Oh and its Danell LeyVa right?? ALL the press releases say LayRa