Friday, April 9, 2010

Paris Je T'aime

GA has put up a fantastic update from the girls in Paris.

C'est si bon!

Check it all out here.

There is an additional short update from MLC's Jeb Silsbury here.

Dunno what's being practised in this shot exactly, but it's mighty purdy!

They've also put up Peggy Liddick's WAG camp report which you can read here, I've highlighted some of the notable bits...

"Emily Little was the second place all-arounder...She has a really powerful double twisting Yurchenko so that’s exciting. (Hopefully any form issues are fixed and she has a better showing than PacRim 2008)

Larrissa Miller...was all prepared to do the all-around but then she had a slight calf tear, and so we decided we needed her later in the year for the Commonwealth Games and Worlds so that’s why we’re just going to do bars with her.

Georgia Rose-Brown, she’s a really Khorkina-esque type gymnast. Tall, unique gymnast, she reminds me of a Lisa Skinner type. (Hopefully without the beam dismount issues?)

Lauren’s going to come to Melbourne and do some autograph signing (I knew it! I knew it!) and she’s coming to our training camp.

It’s going to be between us Russia, China and Canada for the two minor [Pacific Rim] medals. I think the USA are going to win it by ten points.

I anticipate all three seniors, Georgia, Emily and Larissa to be the core of our Commonwealth and worlds team."


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC updates. Thanks, Mez. Also, if anyone from GA is reading this -- such detailed info is endlessly appreciated! You've done a great job. Keep up the good work, and good luck to all our girls!


Anonymous said...

I think Peggy's comments about Georgia Wheeler would be of interest to any aspiring gymnast. Pity you didn't include them on the blog.

Mez said...

I picked out the ones that were more about assignments and aspirations for the team.

I certainly think Georgia's efforts are fantastic, and it's even more fantastic that she is so highly regarded in the eyes of our national coach.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mez, how do you know that Elsa is coming to the Pac Rim Champs. Did you read it somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Seriously 4:17? You are actually petty enough to comment on a miniscule detail like that? Why not just let Mez post her take on Australian gymnastics (she is the author, after all) without insulting her choice of content as soon as it is not to your personal taste.

If you want a 'Georgia Wheeler has a great personality' blog - then feel free to start one. In the meantime, I'm sure people will be capable of clicking the link provided and reading the article in full for themselves.

Mez said...

Anon at 4:55, The All Around Gymnastics News (which you can become a fan of on Fadebook) listed the Mexican team that was recently announced, Elsa will compete alongside two other seniors.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anon 6:05. This isn't the Georgia Wheeler show, there are others out there too.

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently the trials were a bit of a Georgia Wheeler show, Anon 8:00.

That said, I think Mez is allowed to quote whichever parts of a story she likes, as long as she provides a link to the rest of the article, which she did.

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree Anon 8:54. Georgia did well. All I'm saying is that there are other people on the team and they should all get equal information about them.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO Thank you GA finally for a fairly decent report on AUS WG gymnastics!!!

Anonymous said...

The comment of Peggys I was referring to was"...It's really nice to have a gymnast that trusts you and knows you wouldn't ask her to put somehting in her routine she wasn't ready for." I think that comment is of use to up and coming gymnasts

Anonymous said...

Actually Anon 10.34 after reading Peggy's comments your right it would be good for young gymnasts to read what the Aust coach is looking for. But not just young gymnasts maybe also those gymnasts who are up for selection in teams now.

Anonymous said...

The pic of Larrissa, is her ending pose of her floor routine ;)