Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pacific Rim News: I'm Doing The Snoopy Dance

Who's excited for next week!?

You Sir, are you excited?

You there, Madam (not meant in anyway to presume you associate yourself with ladies-of-the-night), are YOU excited?

Small child looking terrified, are YOU excited!?!?

Big Kev says... I'm excited!

Victorians, get ready for tomorrow's double-page Pacific Rim promotional liftout in the Herald Sun! You might have spotted the teaser ad today in the very same publication, a surprise that made me drop my lunch in shock and glee.

Set your collective moods to WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

Edit: in the meantime, read a Herald Sun article on the gym team's prospects here (it may very well form part of tomorrow's liftout?) and an additional piece on Georgia Wheeler here.


Anonymous said...

Not terrible eloquent but....

Anonymous said...

There's a PACRim poster in the Melbourne Uni bookshop. Nice little gymnastics moments in life :)

Anonymous said...

Boy that was painful to listen to lol :)

Anonymous said...

The announcers were worse than Emma. They were so condescending

Nichole said...

Yey for Pacific Rim ! I get to Melbourne on Friday :)

I will be at a couple of sessions at night Womems Sub 2 on Friday 30th and mens Apparatus finals so hopefully I'll see a few of you there