Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Round-Up

Dasha Joura has been imparting her fabulousness and experience on West Australian kiddies. Read about it here. (Thanks, Anon)

MLC's website has more photos from Lydia Lassila and the Channel 10 news crew's visit here.

I've put a few more videos up from yesterday's competition, organised into a playlist at my channel.

I still have to put up the medal ceremonies, though. I managed the one featured below today because it's quite short. Note the centre now has its own medals (complete with labelled ribbon) in addition to its own medal podium.

Hope you're all having a winning weekend!



Anonymous said...

Look who is doing some education work for WAIS

She looks gorgeous! Is she still training or did her comeback aspirations end?

Anonymous said...

WOW...........I have just heard that Sophie and Yasmin Budack have left the AIS to train at QAS under the Joura's.

This is a bold but smart move considering the appalling behavour of the AIS Head coach at the last camp which I witnessed.

I look forward to seeing them at Nationals. Sophie is one of the most expressive and explosive Senior gymnasts on floor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sophie Budack has moved to QLD along with her sister Yasmin. But it is for personal reasons not because of the coaching staff. Although I do agree that Valery at AIS is not fit to coach anymore.

Anonymous said...

OOOO smackdown! QAS is all of a sudden raking in the girls.

I'd love to hear about Valery's coaching style. I still haven't gotten over that Melissa Munro article where he said that losing all the 04-08 girls was because they had no hope of being successful, and even he knew that after Athens.

Which strikes me as BS considering how much Hollie was lauded before her growth spurt as the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

Why is he not fit to coach anymore?