Friday, April 23, 2010

Pacific Rim News: The Countdown Begins

Less than a week to go, muffins! Woohoo!

Just a quick news round-up:

Luke Wiwatowski has been named to our men's team, replacing Philippe Rizzo. Congratulations, Luke, and good luck!

The USA has confirmed its women's team, and it is the exciting combination of... the nominative team!

Rebecca Bross
Alexandra Raisman
Kyla Ross (may be replaced with Madison Kocian if ankle problems continue?)
Bridget Sloan
Jordyn Wieber
Sabrina Vega

He Ning of China is apparently ruled out of their team.

An article on Emily Little for The West Australian is here. Note the really exciting bits at the end:

[Lauren] Mitchell has returned to full training with vault and tumbling basics, having overcome a hand and then a foot injury and should be ready for trials in July.

Dasha Joura, Australia's leading Olympian in Beijing in 2008, is also progressing after 18 months away from top level competition.

An article featuring rhythmic gymnast Naazmi Johnston can be found here.

I will be absent for much of tomorrow, so I won't be around to see the live chat with G-Whizz unfold. Don't forget to get your question in (you can ask from today)!


Anonymous said...

Article on Emily in today's West Australia.

Anonymous said...

He Ning will supposedly be replaced by Wu Liufang, who is just lovely.

Anonymous said...

The bit about Dasha makes me so happy! I really just wanna see her go out there and do a floor routine again!

Froggy said...

Yay!! Liufang is beautiful. Sad about He Ning .. she's an awesome little thing. Oh well .... I guess I'll just have to make do.


Anonymous said...

There's an updated photo of the camp on the GA site. Girls look great.

Anonymous said...

Coming up after Pacific RIm is the Moscow World Cup. Aussie contingent will be:

Elliot Cook
Luke Wiwatowski
Prashanth Sellathurai

No WAG going

Mez said...

Thanks for that, Anon. If it's the Dityatin Cup, then I'm pretty sure that's a MAG-only comp anyway.

If it's the Stars of Moscow World Cup, then... damn!

Tara said...

Its the Moscow World Cup although I wouldn't be surprised if they compete in St Petersburg before for Dityatin (which is btw always both WAG & MAG) if they arrive early enough