Monday, April 12, 2010

French International - Videos

Thanks to the Anon for bringing these to my attention, and many thanks to the fan who captured it all on film!

Emily's vault

Rissa's bars

Georgia's bars

You can see Emily's floor from qualifications (gros bisous à Aurelia!) here.

There is a full wrap-up report, plus photos, from Desiree Jones here. Who said segway scooters couldn't look cool, hey!?


Anonymous said...

emilys vault was awesome! really pretty. So excited to have such a nice dty in aussie team. Love georgia 2.she just looked a little nervous but well done and keep up the amazingly fast improvement

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Emily! What a great vault. That'll be an asset to the team for sure.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Emily's Amanar in 2012! hehe

Anonymous said...

Georgia's Tkatchev is HUGE!!!! Shame about the bent legs after the recatch but plenty of room and time for improvement.

Anonymous said...

Emily's vault was HOT!

It looked to me like Georgia found herself even higher above the bar than usual and had a moment of panic. The different timing of the bouncy bars is evident in both Larrissa's and Georgia's routines.

They are both going to be really strong bar workers for the Aussie team in the future.

Well done to them!

Nice report from GA, lots of detailed info re skills etc. Thanks!

On the other hand, the FIG is idiotic for continuing to ban one-touch warm-up. A) It results in splatfests like this comp (I'm talking about everyone, not the Aussie girls); and B) it's bloody dangerous! You would think they had learned something from that horrible floor fall at last year's Worlds.

I know we have to work within the rules at the moment, but please (any gymnastics insiders who may be reading this), PLEASE continue to work to have this rule changed!

Anonymous said...

GREAT Vault Em!!

I agree with Anon 11:50.
The girls timing was defiantly off, and it was obvious!!
I read on another post that the AIS has Gymnova and JF Bars.
Maybe GA should take the girls there for a camp before International Competitions to train, and get used to the equipment being used.

Anonymous said...

Emily's floor is here:

Anonymous said...

Did Stacey Umeh really choreograph that terrible routine!? Honestly, she looked sedated. The bit at 0:38 is especially bad. She can do so much better than that!

Anonymous said...

Stacey does choreograph the odd dud. I've seen other routines of hers that didn't impress me much. Generally, though, the gymnast is a large chunk of the problem. If the gymnast can't dance, feel the music or express herself through movement, you can choreograph a masterpiece for her and she won't do it any justice, alas.

I think Georgia has potential on floor. She just needs a dance teacher who can bring it out in her.