Saturday, November 28, 2009

Australia vs Japan 2

All-around and apparatus finals kick off today.

Good luck to all competitors!


ChaChaKid says:

Japan are wearing the same leotards from last night. Australia are in their pink flame leotards from London!

GA confirms Lauren will NOT do AA tonight, just beam and floor.

AAAARGH I hear a thunderstorm a-rumbling! I do NOT want my web connection to get knocked out!


Australia kicks off on vault, Japan on bars.

Coley Y-full, Bonora Y-full, Wheeler "explosive" handspring front pike, Little "awesome!" Y 1.5!

Japan appear to be showing some minor niggles on bars.

GA Twitter says Tsurumi is now out of AA contention so she won't be doing all 4 events tonight (I guess there was hope she might try for it today after only doing 2 yesterday?)

Aussies are prepping the bars...c'mooooon Larrissa!

GA says their warm-ups look good.

The rain is hammering down now, hopefully our power can hang in there!

Emily Little sits in third place AA after one rotation (14.365), Shintake and Minobe of Japan in first and second respectively.


Fiona hits floor after overshoot but finishes off nicely otherwise.
Georgia B sits down her dismount, oh no!
The other Georgia does a nice routine with an extra swing after her "massive tkatchev" - does this girl have power in her or what!?
Emily struggles with a toe shoot up to high bar... falls! Oh no (again)!
Tsurumi on beam as Miller steps up to bars.
Larrissa shows a great routine, rocks the Adler again... but hands down on dismount!

Japan in 1-2-3 all around going into 3rd rotation.

Fiona falls on beam, on a back tuck dismount that is reportedly not her best.
"Great" routine from Georgia B!
Ditto Georgia W! I detect good things coming her way in 2010!
Emily's bad luck continues with a fall on her tuck front somi.
Everybody buzzes as Lauren steps up for beam.
LOZ HITS! "Nails the layout", woohoo!

"Awwww" for Japan: "Poor Ozawa has a cold and hasn't put the tissue box down all night! Yet she nailed an amazing double layout on floor but stepped out of bounds on her 2nd pass. And straight to the tissues after the routine!" According to GA she changed the second pass from what she did yesterday, making it a full-in.


Team Aus "look confident" heading to their last event
Mitchell's score for beam was 15.325!
Georgia B shows a good routine, great comeback for her since London.
Georgia Wheeler, on the other hand, suffers a fall on her double-arabian!
Emily Little makes up for previous errors and hits a great floor exercise, all tumbles stood up and kept inbounds, to end her competition for the day.
Here goes Lauren!
"Peggy quite pleased."


AvJ Vault: 3rd Oshima/Tsurumi (t), 2nd Little, 1st Ozawa
AvJ Bars: 3rd Oshima/Miller (t) 2nd Minobe, 1st Shintake
AvJ Beam: 3rd Minobe, 2nd Tsurumi, 1ST MITCHELL!
AvJ Floor: 3rd Minobe, 2nd Oshima, 1ST MITCHELL!

Japan goes 1-2-3 in the all-around! Oshima, Minobe, Shintake respectively.

Read a round-up here.

Congratulations also to Emily Little won the National Club junior AA title! She was followed by Emma Collister and Georgia Wheeler.


Anonymous said...

Its kind of sad that this is really just a contest between the Japanese for the medals.

Anonymous said...

How can you discount the performance of Lauren Mitchell??? Aren't two gold medals good enough for you!

And of course, Little is growing with leaps and bounds...what a great vault!

Perhaps you should keep your eye on the long term goal....Melbourne, Delhi, Rotterdam.

And of course, that some of our best girls are injured...

Anonymous said...

Lauren and Emily did indeed perform well. However a team is made up of more than two athletes let's hope that some of the injured return for next year. Although it does look like it will be an uphill struggle.

Anonymous said...

The only real value at a team level Emily has right now is on vault - she is not consistent and does not score highly on the other events. I don't think a 12.25 on bars is anything to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Little won AA National Club Junior Champ by over 2points, not Collister

Mez said...

Ok I've fixed it now, thanks.

I was told by someone who was in the arena (not ChaChaKid) that it went Collister-Little-Brown.

But the results sheet says differently of course! ;)

tkatchif-your-lucky said...

There are some videos here: