Friday, November 13, 2009

Prash Takes Part in Stuttgart

Good luck to Prashanth Sellathurai who is competing at the DTB Cup in Stuttgart this weekend. Prash is looking to repeat his recent World Championships success, not to mention last year's pommel horse silver medal at the DTB Pokal.

There is a live news ticker (in German) here.

This is ground control to Major Loz...

GA have given us a heads-up that Lauren Mitchell will appear on SEN radio this Sunday.

Lauren Mitchell will be a guest of this week's Sunday Night Sports Party on 116SEN.

She will feature as a guest of Mark Franklin this Sunday (15th November).

Anybody who wants to listen to the interview with Lauren can do so by listening to 1116 SEN here in Melbourne or by listening live over the internet by going to and clicking on the listen on-line icon on the top right hand side of their home page.
All going well, Lauren should be interviewed around 9.30pm AEDST.

ETA: Prashanth has qualified to the pommel horse final ranked second!


Anonymous said...

hey everyone, i just noticed the workplan for national clubs is up but it lists no acutal nmaes of competitiors. Des anyone know who the following athletes would be, they seem to come from nowhere and my coach didn't know either.

3 girls at international 8 2 girls at international 10

2 international 10s
2 international 8s

Castle Hill
3 international 8s

does anyone know which seniors juinors from queensland are competing, especially from qas?

Anonymous said...

QAS - maybe Yainye Boorman and brittnay Boffo for Int 8 and Katies Wurth for Inter 10
Westfields - Maybe Laura Martino and Bridget Batten at Inter 10
Castle Hill would include Celeste Loo. Don't know who is competing Junior yet but should include Amaya King koi, Georgia Rose Brown and maybe Shar Lee Clark

Anonymous said...

Tamika Jones and Eden Tarvit from QAS were 1 and 2 in the AA in IDP6 at Nationals. Maybe they have both stepped up to 8?
I thought someone suggested that some of the Northern Beaches Elites were continuing - maybe some are at Westfields and some at Castle hill. So from Nationals that was Georgia Kokotovic, Alyssah Kay and Aleksia Curcic in 8 plus Desnee Richter who wasn't at Nationals also in 8. Some of these girls could be doing 10?
From Queensland there is also Georgia Godwin but I don't know if she is QAS or MBC.
So these are a few possibles, hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that Eden, Tamika and Abbie Benstead are doing IDP 8, and that Brittany Boffo and Tianye Boorman Inter 10. I heard Katie Wurth is retired so its probably not her. Georgia Godwin is from MBC, and apparently very good.

As for NSW, it is possible the 2nd Westfields International 10 after Laura Martino is Monica Sloane. This is her at the NSW camp only a couple of weeks ago in the Westfields leo, front row third from right:

Anonymous said...

Abbie Benstead is no longer at QAS. She is at MBC now and will probably do IDP 6 rather than 8 in Canberra.

MBC will presumably send all its international girls: Larrissa Miller, Georgia-Rose Brown, Amaya King-Koi, Shar-lee Clark, Brianna Wong, Georgia Godwin and Abbie Benstead.

Anonymous said...

Jesus! I wonder how many gymnasts Vladimir will even have to work with when he gets there. Who are the QAS seniors and juniors? Are there any at all since Amber and Amaya left?

Anonymous said...

Umm. What's the big deal if there are no seniors? Or juniors for that matter. He'll have at least one - Natalia, and he'll have girls for the next cycle at a stage where he can develop them the way he wants. Ever heard of a rebuilding stage?

Anonymous said...

What about Karina Brooks? And they also had a junior called Bridget but I'm not sure if she's still competing.

Big shame about Katie Wurth, she was quite a nice gymnast when I saw her at national clubs last year.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, Katie Wurth is still in training at QAS and is doing fine.