Thursday, November 26, 2009

Storm Clouds

Sorry everyone, my power got knocked out for nearly 3 hours hours in a huuuge storm that hit my area of Melbourne. I left the house this morning in glorious sunshine, and couldn't have seen such torrential rain coming! It was crazy!

But yes, here I am. The news had already broken but here it is again anyway:

BrittyBritt is out of the Aus v Japan, due to a back injury. She will be replaced on the team by reserve Georgia Wheeler.

Best wishes to Britt for a speedy recovery, and good luck to Georgia in her first national duel meet.

On a more sunshiney note, you can watch the Sports Performer Awards ceremony on Channel 10, this Sunday 29/11 from 1-2pm, or on One HD from 8-8:55pm.

National Clubs scores and standings will be updated here.

Are you attending National Clubs/AUS v JPN this weekend? I'd love to hear from you! Send reports, photos or other tidbits to


Anonymous said...

anyone able to get any footage is much appreciated!!!!! good or bad quality we love it all. Good Luck girls



Nic said...

Poor britt I hope she gets better soon :(