Sunday, November 8, 2009


Via Gymnastics Queensland:

Welcome to Vladimir Joura who has been appointed as Head Coach of Queensland Gymnastics’ Women’s High Performance program. Vladimir joins the HPC team from the WAIS WAG elite program which has recently achieved enviable results on [sic] the international arena. We also welcome Irina Joura as senior coach for the WG program. Irina is a renown [sic] beam specialist who has also been actively involved in the WA HPC and also the Northern Beaches program. Vladimir and Irina will move to Queensland along with their two daughters Sasha [sic] and Natalia who are both gymnasts and we look forward to the gymnastics community welcoming them to our wonderful State and HP program.


Wolfie said...

Sasha? Unless Dasha is also known as Sasha (which would be weird), is there a hidden daughter/son (I thought Sasha was typically a boy's name in Russia) we don't know about?

And if they meant to say Dasha, it's kind of disappointing that the author doesn't know the (nick) name of one of our best gymnasts.

Most interestingly, does this mean Dasha is also moving away from WAIS and WA permanently?

Anonymous said...

considering D is right next to S on the key board!! but don't people read what they right first.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:35, I'm going to assume 'right' was your idea of a joke. If not - oh, the irony...

I'm excited about this news. Regardless of whether Dasha joins her parents and sister, I think this is going to be good for Queensland gymnastics.

Anonymous said...

yes it was a joke - i also had another line at the end that had more about the joke and would have made it obvious it was a joke and not just a gaff but somthing happened - i don't know what - gremlins in my machine!!!

Anonymous said...

Dasha is staying in Perth. I think you will find that gymnastics is not part of her future.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've had a feeling for a while now that she is definitely done. It's so sad.

Anonymous said...

Sasha is both a male and female name as it is a nickname for Aleksandr (M) and Aleksandra (F).

Other nicknames:
Dasha = Darya
Masha = Mariya
Zhenya = Yevgeniya
Natasha = Nataliya
Ksyusha = Kseniya
Tanya = Tatyana
Toma = Tamara
Yulya = Yuliya
Anya = Anna
Nastya = Anastasiya
Katya = Yekaterina
Lena = Yelena

Pasha = Pavel
Alyosha = Aleksey
Seryozha = Sergey
Volodya = Vladimir
Vanya = Ivan
Dima = Dmitriy
Andryusha = Andrey
Borya = Boris
Grisha = Grigory
Zhenya = Yevgeniy
Misha = Mikhail
Kolya = Nikolay
Yura = Yuriy