Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silver Streak

*munches on a chocolate coconut truffle and thinks about the universe*

Pommel is quickly becoming a race-for-the-minor-medals-behind-China event, like WAG uneven bars.

That said, big claps for Prashanth Sellathurai for continuing his good form and winning the silver medal at the DTB Cup. He scored 16.025, sandwiched between the daring Zhang Hongtao and the Hungarian stalwart Kristian Berki.

And don't forget that Lauren Mitchell will be on the radio tonight (see yesterday's post).


Anonymous said...

I liked it better when you were munching on a rum ball, Mez. :-)

Mez said...

I didn't think many people called them that these days... maybe it's just me?


I have shortbread biscuits now ;)

Wolfie said...

I still call 'em rum balls, and they're bloody delicious.

You have good nosh at your place.