Thursday, November 5, 2009

Worlds Photos Exclusive 2

With thanks once again to The Couch Gymnast.

I'm on ur sidelinez
Nickin' ur pantz

Align Center
Apparently Georgia would "talk to herself"
to keep motivated between rotations.

Loz, this is NO time for hide-and-seek!

There is one additional photo TCG provided of the Australian delegation and I was in two minds about posting it. It involves Shona Morgan on vault. I did initially upload the photo to this post and justified doing so by saying that, while I took little joy in posting it, I did so in the interest of reporting what happened to Team Australia in London. Unfortunately, at one point, something bad had happened involving Shona, and we all heard about it, but it was dealt with immediately in the arena as the photo shows.

I decided not to post the photo here but will leave you with the decision of viewing it for yourselves over at The Couch Gymnast's blog. It's there, it was something that happened to occur during the competition, part of it was captured in photography (and, sadly, somewhere on YouTube it turns out). I don't think it's disrespectful as such to have a photo like that made public, as I think it's important to report what happens in a competition. Mind you, if it were captioned with a "LOL!" or something similar I'd certainly feel bristled. I just personally feel a bit weird putting it here and showing such a moment in stasis.

As it did when news of the injury was first broken, my heart goes out to Shona and I wish her the absolute best in recovery. I hope she comes back stronger than ever and can have happier competition experiences in the new year.


Anonymous said...

WTF? your long ramble about it is worse than just posting the bloody photo in the first place. all youve done is make everyone go look at couch gymnast's site

Anonymous said...

I liked Mez's explanation, actually.

Wolfie said...

Seeing the photo retrospectively is probably better than witnessing the accident as it happened.

The good news is that I've also seen a photo of Shona smiling in the stands with her leg elevated and an ice placed on it. What exactly was the injury?

Shona's no fool - she knows that injuries are expected in this sport. I just hope it mends fast for her.

Anonymous said...

A dislocated knee I think Wolfie


Anonymous said...

This is an OT follow up on the NBG elite saga - by the looks of the NSW Elite squad camp pics on the Gym NSW site (the camp was this past weekend), Monica Sloane and Alyssah Kay have moved to Westfields. Georgia Kokotovic is at Epping. And Judith Anne Carroll is also there but I'm not sure what club her leo is from - Navy with a red/white crown-like symbol on the front? So at least it seems they haven't all just quit.

Anonymous said...

I believe Epping has not taken any new girls into their elite programme. Maybe the levels

Anonymous said...

Georgia Wheeler's scores from Olympic Hopes:

13.60 11.75 11.45 11.85

I'm starting to get a little antsy about 2010 worlds and CWG, things just don't seem to be coming together all that well.

The Couch Gymnast said...

Shona dislocated her knee, apparently. It was hard to tell what happened from her vault landing, All I knew was that it wasn't her achilles. In the few achilles ruptures I have seen, the girls try and get up.
That is why it was scary when she wasn't moving at all Because it was hard to tell what was wrong. But it was a great competition in that there were so many people looking after her. Unlike the floor finals, though, the anouncer didn't say anything about what was going on like he did with ortiz, probably because it was quals and there were less people there. I didn't know until I saw Britt Greeley in the seven eleven and asked her.
And then as soon as I saw Shna in the stands with the ice pack, I took a pic, to reassure everyone back home. I couldn't get any nearer though because it was packed for finals.

Wolfie said...

Thanks for that, Couch Gymnast and Brinds. :-)

I wonder how long it takes to rehab a dislocated knee. Ouch.