Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Larrissa Miller was interviewed by International Gymnast!

Read it here.

This girl has totally turned me 'round. I hope she gets some big opportunities in 2010, if her Worlds debut was anything to go by. What a champion.

It was actually easier than I had always imagined it would be. When I went out on the podium I didn’t look up at the audience; I just kept to myself and kept focused. Although I was nervous as soon as I jumped on to the apparatus, I just did my routine like I normally would.

Thanks also to Ali for this new article from Larrissa's local (click for larger, sorry it's sideways!):


Anonymous said...

Thought people might be interested to know that WAIS had a national clubs trial this past weekend. Lauren competed though predictably not at her best.

In the juniors none of Vladimir's girls competed (I guess this rules them out of national clubs?), only Emily Little and Georgia Simpson did.

Georgia won easily, 49.8 to 47.1.

On both bars and beam Emily had an execution score of 5.750, and it was in the 7s on floor. Georgia's highest a-score was a 5.1 on beam. She is still doing only a layout yurchenko.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon above! Great to hear some news, especially the specifics about D and E scores and skills.

Anything else new in the girls' reportoires?

Anonymous said...

Larrissa is an absolute champ! I can't wait to see her success to continue in 2010 as well!

Anonymous said...

Larrissa looks like the spitting image of a young Miranda Otto (think of Lord of the Rings movies). anyone else think so?

Anonymous said...

I just came across this bizarre Lauren vid on youtube.

Seems she has an Italian fan who has made a 20 minute musical tribute.

The description says:

An enchanting harmony of elegance, determination, brightness: a gentle force of (Human) Nature

um....ok lol

The person also has a blog dedicated to their Lauren tribute videos:

Seems its not only Aussie fans who love her. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Agreed she is a dead ringer for Miranda Otto!