Sunday, November 15, 2009


SEN Radio played audio from Lauren's beam final routine then did a phone interview.

* She is happy her exams are over, and with all her maths, health and science-related subjects agrees she's a "bit of a nerd". She has "never thought of it like that", that no Aussie gymnast has quite achieved what she did in London.

* Admits she doesn't like watching others compete so did not watch other beam final competitors before she went up. Mez goes grrrrr at "a little girl from China won the gold" remark by the announcer

* They ask about her "crouching wolf turn" (hidden dragon!) on beam. "Do you need sorta weird toes to do it?" asked the announcer (again, grrrrr and eye roll). Lauren says she found the skill quite easy in the beginning and credits her strong legs with helping master it.

* Explains that she worked hard with Stacey on her dance skills in camp to get her floor routine at its best.

* Admits the floor routine performance felt stronger than her beam one because "the pressure was off" after medalling and she could have a bit of fun out there.

* Thinks that had she got the AA bronze, she wouldn't have been as motivated for apparatus finals. Missing out gave her a good drive for to go for broke in finals.

* Shyly admitted she will probably party and "let loose" after her competitions are over later this year.

* Kudos for working in the word "variables".

* Admits she doesn't crack out cartwheels or handstands at parties but jokes that "C'mon, my [much more impressive] routines are on YouTube!"

* Worlds was a motivation to keep training after injury

* Admits London was great, notably because she's a little more comfortable in accomodation where English is the primary language

* She is a West Coast Eagles fan, NOT a Dockers fan! But never really gets the chance to go to games.

* Doesn't really follow other sports as a fan, "gymnastics has pretty much been my whole life"


* Gives a hint that she wouldn't mind visiting India next year

* Hahaha, SEAMLESS plug of her Sports Award nomination! In so far as she has to quickly ask to mention it as they start farewelling her.

* They play audio of her floor as the interview finishes up


Anonymous said...

LOL NO ONE gets to go to west coast games unless they are a member. The system is ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

And the members can't be bothered! at least I can't. Fair weather fan here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11.24pm I'll buy your membership off you if u don't want it lol :)

Anonymous said...

truth be told I didn't renew this year after only going to one game last year. This after 2 years on a waiting list to get my membership in the first place! It was worth it for being able to go every 2nd week the year we won and the year before that though. Glory days! I never really recovered from the loss of Cousins and Judd.

Anonymous said...

Yep I agree with you and I don't think the team has really recovered either :(

Anonymous said...

Eagles suck now :P But they're still superior to the Dockers! And it's good to see Loz has her priorities right!

Wolfie said...

But the mighty Cats are best of all. :-)

Anonymous said...

As long as you count the best by how many grand finals they have lost! Has anyone been second more times? Not in my lifetime.

Wolfie said...

Reigning premiers, Baby! Reigning premiers! That's good enough for me. :-)

P.S. I love footy banter. Shame we can't have this kind of banter about gymnastics. Yes, I realise gymnasts mostly compete as individuals, are typically much younger and are more vulnerable. But hey, if we had an NCAA-type system (will never happen), ....... ? :-)

Anonymous said...

lol. I can't imagine saying the things I say about football, about gymnasts or programs for that matter.
And yes I guess I'll give you reining premiers. Still, if you toss a coin enough times eventually it has to land on heads! Seriously though, I quite like Geelong, but I just love making fun of them.

Cathy said...

I too am a mad Cats/gymnastics fan - it's a great combination. Was lucky enough to go to the Grand Final this year. A moment NEVER to forget - a bit like watching Loz's medal winning performances on the live stream at 2am when I had to go to work the next day!