Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I cannot stress this enough.

Please vote for Lauren or a basketful of kittens will cry.

Or this adorable sleepy European child, who ably directed gymnasts around the floor at Olympic Hopes, will be forced to walk home without his shoes.

Also: My very best wishes to everyone's favourite OTHER person nicknamed Mez, Mary-Anne Monckton, who is going in for ankle surgery on Thursday. Big love.


shelley said...
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shelley said...

Good luck little Mez, I will wish for you a pain free and speedy recovery.

NB - prev posting deleted due to terrible spelling.

Anonymous said...

Oooh...get well soon, little Mez! We love your work!


Anonymous said...

On a side note - GA/Jump Media have posted Lauren's Fox Sports News and View interview.


Anonymous said...

On another side note, the VHPC have posted some photos from their Awards night

Anonymous said...

Lauren just makes you smile! :) Lovely interview, far far better than Darhsa ever ever did. Well done Lauren :) :)