Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wheeler's Reel

Thanks to Alar who provided these videos of Georgia Wheeler's beam and bars routines from the Olympic Hopes Cup. The latter is an exhibition routine performed before the medal ceremony.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Brooke Walker's handstand-forward roll to lying planche make a comeback!

Very high back tuck on her series.

Working on a combination dismount!

Quite hopeful for the future, imo.

Yay, Georgia!

Thanks, Mez, for directing us to the video. I hope we get to see a few more!


Anonymous said...

BTW, Georgia's "presentation" UB routine is there as well:


Nice to see a Shaposhnikova, but really needs more height in the back swing. Nice high Tkatchev! Considering this is likely watered down from her competition routine, it's a nice base to build from.


Step It Up: said...

Am also liking the Beam mount a LOT!!! Something different from just jumping onto the Beam! Also liking her Acro combo. Lots of good signs for the future here!