Saturday, November 28, 2009

Australia vs Japan


So... interesting stuff coming out of C-town, hey! I'm sorry I missed it!

Hopefully those who had errors yesterday can fix them up in today's AA/EF round of competition. Larrissa Miller is proving herself to be quite the reliable performer when it counts (she debuted the Adler, wheeee!), and I can't wait to see the new floor from Georgia Wheeler! Apparently Emily Little had good floor and beam routines so it's good to see she's getting there with her consistency (vault fall notwithstanding). I hope to cover the event as best as I can today without actually being there. I know that videos are on their way so... that's probably the only thing I can provide that the GA Twitter can't!

Results can be found here.

MLC's website put in a more detailed report of Georgia W's routines, you can read it here.

General stuff, with thanks to ChaChaKid:

* Apparently not all scores were flashed for all routines

* Both teams competed in their Olympic leotards (Australia prelims green-and-gold, Japan prelims red)

* Monica Sloane was there competing IDP10

* Lauren hit a great floor in the last rotation - kept it in bounds the whole time! - and waved to the crowd afterward. Awwwwww.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Georgia W will upgrade her vault, it sounds like a pike front is way too easy for her, not to mention its low tariff. Maybe a piked rudi could be on the cards for the future?