Wednesday, November 4, 2009

C'est la Ville

Lots and lots of Combs la Ville videos are up!

Emma Collister's beam:

(Some of) Britt's floor:

Britt's bars:

Emily's vault

More are available to view here.

(I haven't been through all of them yet, but just FYI the video of Em Collister's floor has been incorrectly labelled as Emily Little.)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think the standard of performance is kind of low? It seems a lot of them are carrying injuries (especially since Emma D and Fiona didn't even compete), and to me they seem in worse shape than earlier in the year and last year even. Britt is going to have to work on a new vault I think, because her 1.5 is quite poor now.

I think Emma C is going to be a great Floor/Vault worker in future, but I agree that right now she has no performance or presentation quality.

Anonymous said...

I think Emma C is a great vaulter - always has been but for some reason both Collister girls never seem to do any back flips (using hands). not on beam or floor or Yurchenkos.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Emma on the beam. And you have to laugh at her fall in the middle of the routine after her side somi. She did about 6 arm circles before she finally fell off. Poor thing :)

Anonymous said...

to anon 11:08
they are juniors overseas getting experience, give them a break. why do you have to be so negative? what purpose, why not see they are out there trying. you sit on your butt in front of your computer and critisize. why don't YOU go out and improve the standard if you don't like it?

Anonymous said...

Are you people mad? This is an ELITE sport where athletes are judged based on performance. Nobody is having a go at them personally by making a negative comment, it is called stating the reality.

Do you really expect people to rave about how wonderful Britt's severely bent-legged vault is?

Oh yeh, the 2007 worlds team totally screwed up and nearly lost us a place at the Olympics, but because nobody is allowed to express their opinions here, maybe it would just be better if we talk about how wonderful their performances were that day. How gloriously delicious the taste of mat was, and how elegant they looked when they fell.

Those Aussies, they are just fault free and here we should NEVER EVER say anything bad about them.

Besides, the OP did not say anything unreasonable, or that they are crap gymnasts, only that their performances were not of the standard you would maybe have hoped for given they bothered to make the trip all the way over there.

Anonymous said...

one: why do the collister girls need to do flips, does it really matter. you don't get marked higher on floor by doing flips and tsuk 2/1 is as good as yurchenko 2/1. and beam, yes it would be better to have flips in it but its not that important
two: suggest a better vault for britt because yurchenko 1 1/2 is a pretty damn good vault! so what if her legs are bent, its the best vault she can do!

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon 6:18. stop bagging out our gymnasts! for some they havn't had much international experience and this was there second comp in a week. maybe they were tired and had injuries. so why not praise them for having a go!

Anonymous said...

if they were any other country we'd all be saying how crap they are. WITH THE exception of one or two seniors, Aussie gymnasts are like level 9 or 10 in any other country

Anonymous said...

This is not a club meet for 5 year olds where you get a gold sticker for having a go, this is elite sport. Do people not realise that? People are right to expect high quality performances from our top athletes.

I hope we don't need to put Britt's vault out on the floor in an international competition, because it is simply not a high scoring vault anymore. It's only logical. It would be wise to change it to something she can do properly.

Anonymous said...

and what vault do you suggest britt do????? and stop bloody critising the level, i dont see you out there and gymnastics is a hard sport and there doing the best they can. some of them are only juniors and still have a while to go. australia isnt known for gymnasts like the chinese. so shut up and stop bagging them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Some people really need to take a chill pill and stop being so incredibly defensive.

Yes, these girls are inexperienced juniors. Yes, they're doing their best. And yes, they probably weren't super fit when they were competing. Does that mean they're beyond criticism? No, it does not. I agree with the original poster that the general level of these girls leaves a bit to be desired, although there are some promising signs here and there. When you have a national team coach who habitually states that Australia is a medal contender in team competitions, it is not unreasonable to expect good achievements from that team, even if it's mostly made up of inexperienced youngsters. This team, I think, is not terribly impressive. It doesn't have the wow factor that some other countries' juniors have. Then again, Australia has never been known for its great juniors; it seems our girls make their greatest strides as seniors. So I'm not giving up on these girls yet. Who knows what they may learn between now and the next Olympics? It wouldn't be the first time unspectacular juniors went on to make a splash as seniors while more spectacular juniors fizzled out before they even made it to the senior stage.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:39 who said "When you have a national team coach who habitually states that Australia is a medal contender in team competitions, it is not unreasonable to expect good achievements from that team," the team won both competitions and many gymnasts taking out all around and apparatus medals! what more do you want? they couldnt do to much better!

Anonymous said...

It's all in the scores, not the medals. With scores in the 11s and 12s for hit routines you do not win medals on the big stage. Mathematically these athletes are simply not as strong as those from past generations.

The Japan Junior and EYOF proved that our girls are even behind Germany/Netherlands and other lower profile countries.

That's not to say they won't blossom as seniors, but right now I don't think you can deny that they are behind a lot of other countries, even if they do win medals in low profile meets.

Anonymous said...

if they are behind other countries so much then why did they win first palce team in both comps? other countries must be behind too if your saying australia are behind!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....maybe because they were competing against CLUB gymnasts from non-powerhouse countries. Probably only 2% of the rest of the field at those meets would ever make a worlds. They are C and D listers, many not even on their country's national teams.

Recent AA scores:
Wheeler yesterday 48.65

Budack - 47.300
Georgia Rose - 45.250
Emma Collister 50.700
Tierra- 47.450
Amaya- 44.425
Alex Byers-Armstrong -45.375
Rachel Colister - 48.400

Combs La Ville:
52,150 GREELEY Britt
51,400 LITTLE Emily

1 245 ROSS Kyla U. S. A. 14.950 14.150 14.600 13.700 57.400 0
2 248 VEGA* Sabrina U. S. A. 13.800 14.350 14.450 13.650 56.250 -1.150
3 247 RAISMAN Alexandra U. S. A. 14.950 13.500 13.700 14.050 56.200 -1.200
4 246 CAQUATO Bridgitte U. S. A. 14.750 14.150 13.800 13.400 56.100 -1.300
5 228 GOMEZ* Sofia GUATEMALA 13.500 12.800 13.800 13.150 53.250 -4.150
6 214 PEGG Dominique CANADÁ 14.250 12.150 13.250 13.350 53.000 -4.400
7 213 UNICK Anysia CANADÁ 13.750 12.500 13.200 13.500 52.950 -4.450
8 212 CARDOSO Ana Carolina BRASIL 13.650 12.000 13.300 12.850 51.800 -5.600
9 211 COSTA* Leticia BRASIL 14.250 12.350 12.300 12.750 51.650 -5.750
10 232 SALAZAR* Karla MÉXICO 12.550 12.200 13.700 13.050 51.500 -5.900
11 215 GARDINER* Madeline CANADÁ 51.000
230 YOOL Monica GUATEMALA 51.000
13 210 FREITAS* Harumi BRASIL 50.550

1 76 Komova Victoriya RUS 57.300
2 74 Racea Elena Amelia ROU 55.800
3 65 van Gerner Celine NED 55.200
4 77 Malikova Violetta RUS 54.800
5 63 Ouazzani Chahdi Naoual NED 54.450
6 73 Haidu Raluca Oana ROU 53.950
7 55 Foti Andrea ITA 53.700
8 61 Svilpaite Laura LTU 53.600
9 15 Croket Julie BEL 53.600
10 37 Pinches Jennifer GBR 53.100
11 33 Brevet Marine FRA 13.750 12.400 13.600 12.600 52.350
12 38 Baumert Désirée GER 52.150
13 36 Hibbert Nicole GBR 51.500
14 95 Kononenko Nataliya UKR 50.950
15 53 Gandolfi Chiara ITA 50.850
16 86 Steingruber Giulia SUI 50.700
17 32 Boumejmajen Mira FRA 50.500
18 89 Gustafsson Ida SWE 50.500
19 85 Diacci Jessica SUI 50.350
20 20 Zaitsava Nastassia BLR 49.350
21 79 Belak Teja SLO 49.200
22 46 Tóth Renáta HUN 48.350
23 40 Tolle Pia GER 48.150
24 94 Fomenko Alina UKR 47.15

wake up ! They are simply not up there right now.

Anonymous said...

yes there not up there right now point taken, but it doesnt mean they wont be. they have a long way to go! so stop critisizing them! and some of the gymansts at the comps were nationnaly ranked if you would like to know and those girls getting 57's will probably go on to be olympic champions. australia has never had that kind of talent! and you sitting here saying all that stuff isn't going to make them better.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you look at the vids of the American juniors at Pan Ams, you'll find the standard is quite astonishingly high. America has a VERY bright future, if these girls are anything to go by. So I guess I'm saying that I don't think that those scores are very good for comparison purposes.

Personally, I would ALWAYS rather see good form and safety over early difficulty. We complained about the seemingly too-hard vaults at the Sydney Olympics, don't forget.

Also remember, scores only tell a part of the story. Based purely on Bross' FX score from the London AA, one would think she was a weak floor worker. Patently, that is not the case.

I think we are all just a bit frustrated about lack of info. We don't know what skills are being done, what skills are almost ready for competition, or what skills are being prepared for future we ONLY have scores to judge by.

I know I felt a LOT better about Wheeler's level when I heard she competed three double saltos on FX. Regardless of her SV now, that's an excellent base to build from and should be fairly upgradeable (compared to, say, a routine composed of a single twist, a double twist, etc..).