Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Worlds Photos Exclusive!

Many sopping spongeloads of thanks to The Couch Gymnast for these photos from her whirlwind trip to London.

Click on each image for a larger version.

And thanks also to the Anon for pointing out some Combs La Ville vids (thanks of course to Aurelia as well):

Emma Collister bars here.

Emma Collister floor here.


trampolines said...

Its great to see the australian gynastics doing so well. Hope fully we can see you all at london 2012

shelley said...


Is that almost a smile from Emily???
Nice to see her having some fun.

Thanks for the pics

shelley said...

I am easily amused....

Did anyone else notice that Sharon Strezlecki is sitting 4 seats to Shona's right?

Mez said...

Haha. I am surprised she's not more star-struck about PINK sitting in front of her!

Anonymous said...

But Shelley wait! I found a better one!

I do believe this is the msot amount of teeth I've ever seen on Ms Little!

shelley said...

Yeah for Emily!

Gotta love a smile

shelley said...

Hey Mez, is Pink going out with Kosta Tszyu?

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Is that really Pink or just a look alike???