Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Biggest SPOILER

Thanks to the Anon for posting the following about tonight's Biggest Loser episode.

For those expecting a prime time debut from our elite artistic gymnasts, sorry to disappoint. For those interested in the promotion of trampoline or acro sports, you'll be pleased.

Don't read further if you'd rather wait to see the episode.
Sorry GA. You may not be able to talk, but the good folk of Bankstown certainly can!

Bankstown Sports Youth Club coaches Karl Chippindall and Breeanna Boath, along with Athletes Greg Clune and Jacqueline Crawford, can be seen on Channel 10’s “The Biggest Loser” on Tuesday 17th March.

The Athletes did some Tumbling and Acrobatics and then proceded to help out coaches Karl and Bree show the contestants physical conditioning gymnastics style.

Michelle Mason, who coordinated the athlete routine and was there as a technical advisor on the day, said that it was a unique experience and any chance to get gymnastics on ‘Prime Time Television’ can only be a positive thing for the sport o gymnastics.

“It was great to meet the trainers Shannon, Michele, the contestants and JJ the host.” “These contestants certainly are an inspiration – giving up friends and family, while they work hard to achieve their goals” Says Michelle Mason.

And, at last, I have found results for the Gliders Invitational! Thanks to VicGym for the heads-up.

Georgia Wheeler - 4th Vt, 5th bars, 7th beam, 6th floor, 6th AA (14-15 y.o. division)

Chloe Turko - 8th vault, 3rd bars, 8th beam, 6th floor, 6th AA (16 y.o division)

Alex Byers-Armstrong - 6th (tie) vault, 7th bars, 9th beam, 7th floor (tie), 7th AA (14-15 y.o. division)

Amelia McGrath - 8th vault, 9th bars, 8th beam, 9th floor, 8th AA (14-15 y.o. division)

Clare O'Donnell - 6th vault, 4th bars, 9th beam, 10th floor, 7th AA (14 y.0. division)

Isobel Looker - vault (did not compete), bars (did not compete), 11th beam, 6th (tie) floor, 10th AA (11-13 y.o. division)

Kristina Ostojic - vault (did not compete), 9th bars, 11th beam, floor (did not compete), 11th AA (11-13 y.o. division)

Georgia McIntosh - 8th bars (only event competed) (15.y.o. division)

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nade00 said...

The info in question is from the Gym NSW site.

I am always in awe at how unprofessionally written news pieces on both the state sites and the GA site are. I mean, surely they could hire someone with a basic knowledge of grammar and spelling. The Biggest 'Looser'? WTF is that?

There is also this gem from the QLD site:
'The State Team will depart Brisbane on Sunday 5th July for Perth and their will be a training
session organised at WAIS'

And then of course there is the GA site that cannot even get the names of the gymnnasts correct. I think in the past little while I have seen 'Ashley Brennen' and 'Ashley Brennan'. I mean, you are overseeing an Olympic sport in a whole country but you can't manage to correctly spell the names of the gymnasts in your Olympic team. That irritates me to high heavens. Sorry for the rant.