Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morgan MIA

GA/AIS Olympic squad training camp and visiting athletes have all been announced.

Where's our beloved DJ ShoMo!?

You can watch the sports acro action from last night's TBL here. Look out for it from 2:34 of the clip. Don't know if acro enthusiasts are insulted or pleased that the featured performers are consistently referred to as doing 'gymnastics'...


Wolfie said...

And what about Ashley? Is she on the list? Has she retired, is she taking a little break or is she slowing it down?

Mez said...

Still taking a break as far as I can tell. Light training, no comps...

nade00 said...

Shona is still on the national team list, but none of the squads.

It is odd, as they first updated the list completely eliminating Shona from both squads, then they randomly added her back onto the national team, but not the Olympic squad. She must be retired or taking a break (as a recent decision) because she was on the Olympic squad in February.

I also thought it was interesting to see Natasha Hamman's name - she must be trying to jump from Level 10 to elite. How old is she, anyone know?

Anonymous said...

tash turned 22 almost 2 weeks ago

shelley said...

Am I the only idiot who can't find the lists you are talking about?

Bring back the old GA website

Mez said...

The list (and pictures) of current gymnasts is under the 'athlete profiles' tab on the home page. Underneath the profiles (scroll down) is a list of the Olympic Squad athletes.

The latest news update on the front page tells you who will be at the training camp, scholarship holders AND visitors.

No Shona anywhere except in the Senior Athletes part of the WAG profiles.

shelley said...

Thanks Mez but the strange thing is that I also accessed the athlete profile link but I went in by clicking on 'gymsports' first, then 'WAG' then 'Athlete profile" and it goes to a different page and Shona IS listed!
Very strange set up!
The two links are:
the one I found -
The one you found -

Anonymous said...

The one which lists Shona is the old page which has not been updated since the new website was activated. They should have (but obviously haven't) linked both pages to the new list.

Anonymous said...

Randomness! They have now re-added her to the GA/Olympic Squad. Maybe someone stupid at GA just forgot to put her on the list?

GA-AIS Olympic Squad
(as at March 2009)

Lauren Mitchell (WAIS/AIS)

Daria Joura (WAIS/AIS)

Shona Morgan (WGC/AIS)

Georgia Bonora (WGC/AIS)

Amber Fulljames (QAS/AIS)

Emily Little (WAIS/AIS)

Brit Greeley (VIS/AIS)

Visiting Athletes - April 2009 Camp

Emma Dennis (WGC/AIS)

Melanie Jones(AIS)

Chloe Turko (MLC/AIS)

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the countless people at GA who read this blog, were alerted to the fact that Shona was not on the list thanks to Mez?