Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vivian's Vox Pop

Aaaaaaaaaaand news on our own Olivia Vivian keeps on coming.

The Beaver Sports Show wrapped up its final show for the academic term and it ended with a great vox pop/quiz segment hosted by Olivia featuring OSU athletes, including some of her gymnastics team-mates. If you've ever wanted to see her suppress a smirk, high-five a stranger or do a wacky little dance, then the clip at the top of this page, Show #22, is for you!

The fun starts at 22:30 of the clip. Note that she even wears orange when she's NOT competing! (Is it a pre-requisite of OSU students...?) And I had a little laugh to myself, she even does the lip-poppy thing that I do when there's an awkward silence. Nice.

"Gymnastics... um... prob'ly not football."

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nik said...

Students of American colleges often wear their colours at all times. I was in San Diego and people wore their UCSD and SDSU hoodies EVERYWHERE. They are proud of their college and their college teams. Its an AWESOME atmosphere!