Monday, March 9, 2009

Celebrity Endorsement!

I promised you a celebrity endorsement, and by crikey I got you one!

Adam Hills
is best known as the cheeky host of one of Australia's biggest televisual hits of recent times, music quiz show Spicks and Specks. Possibly the nation's hardest-working (and widest-travelling) stand-up performer, Adam also contributes greatly to charity and community work when he's not headlining comedy nights in major cities.

For guy missing a foot, he's also very, very funny.

You can check him out here or here if you've got a MySpace.

Recently Adam has been imparting upon audiences his experiences at the Beijing Paralympics, as he hosted coverage of the event for the ABC. If you go and see his show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year - PLUG PLUG PLUG! - he'll probably share them with you like he did at his 'trial' gig last night, to great joy from the punters. I managed to corner him (politely!) after the show, explain who I am and what I do and joke that "you're the closest thing I have to being in Beijing!"

I also explained the 'Go You Big Red Fire Engine' fan project (Adam heard the phrase uttered by a drunk audience member in Edinburgh some years ago and has since helped it enter our national lexicon) and he was quite touched. He said, "I heard about that [the project], someone told me about that!" but I think he was, kindly, humouring me.


He was more than happy to endorse the blog and smile for my readers. If THIS doesn't convince the authorities that this blog has a morsel of journalistic merit, then nothing will!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, well done, Mezzie! I love me some Adam Hills. Woohoo!

Gymnastics Australia, herein lies a devoted fan willing to stalk the back stages of Australian celebrities in the name of her art/sport/passion/blog. How's that for devotion? She doesn't do this because she's paid to do it - she does it because she loves Australian gymnastics. :-)


Mez said...

She also does it because she LOVES comedy.

Sometimes my two passions come together. Rarely, though.

All I can say is, coming from anyone else the shout-out would be weird, so God bless the ABC for sending Hillsy to the Paralympics because now the whole connection has relevance!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mez....Go YOU big red fire engine.
You have now been raised to a new level of excellence!
Great job.

Anonymous said...

Thought I saw you there the other week.... My (very mild super) powers of recognition are phenomenal....

Mez said...

Oh my word, Anon.

You're a comedy fan.



Anonymous said...

yep.... guilty as charged! haha wondered if you would get the DOD reference.

I wasn't entirely sure it was you.... I was sitting several rows behind and on the other side of the room and was basing my recognition on your appearance in the vlog!
plus, I'm kinda shy so I don't usually approach random people, especially when I'm not 100% positive it's who I think it is!

Mez said...

I am somewhat the same, I will admit, so I won't hold it against you!

I certainly hope you weren't watching as I was juggling some runny nachos from the bar... not a flattering sight. Eating them wasn't much better either!

Anonymous said...

I simply LOVE Adam Hills! We see him each year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival -- I highly recommend the Sunday shows, where Adam uses a sign language interpreter, with MANY hilarious results.

Well done, Mez! :)