Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rainy Day News

Well, the bushfire areas are breathing a sigh of relief at the moment. It's raining on and off here in Melbourne (well, my bit of Melbourne at least!) so the dry suburbs and outskirts are getting a nice, cool drink.

It's quite a slow news week until Gymnix/Montreal World Cup action begins, so in the meantime, enjoy full-sized photos from the VWHPC Open Day (shanks, Ade) and the news that Tiera Exum and Madeline Wagg are their March 'Gymnasts of the Month'.

If you've got the rainy day grumps like me, 0:53 onwards of this clip might cheer you up. The uninhibited joy of their victory (not to mention the good sportswomanship on show) makes me smile.

Or, you can check out photographer David Wyatt's fantastic work from the Australian Youth Olympic Festival here. Marvellous!


Anonymous said...

Ugh i too am feeling the gymnastics drought - bring on competition season

Anonymous said...

no wonder Allana and Trudy look so little they were only 14. The only thing i didnt like were the pink leotards on Allana - sorry red hair -> pink leotard does not go

The Couch Gymnast said...

Yep, totally cheered me up!
I needed that. The state library gives me hayfever and makes me sleepy (that might be the study, though). A crazy man won't stop staring at me as I write my thesis and the rain is so loud I can barely hear my ipod. I needed that clip from my little Aussie colour clashers! Thanks Mez.

Anonymous said...

There is a magazine about the MLC girls going to Gymnix here:

Are you going to mention the new national team and GA.AIS squad Mez?

Mez said...

I will in a bit :)