Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dormant Here, Dynamic There

There's precious little happening for the Aussies right now as training camp will soon be underway. We expect Lauren Mitchell to be at mid-April's Maribor Cup.

Our own Olivia Vivian, however, is getting ready to represent OSU at the Pac-10 Conference, an annual meeting of collegiate teams within a certain region that determines who takes a step further to the NCAA gymnastics National Championships. Conferences for colleges in other areas are being held around the country.

Live scores can be followed here, the Beavers started on beam but didn't make the best of it. Good luck to Livvy on bars!

ETA- She managed a commendable 9.8, contributing to the team's fantastic 2nd place finish behind UCLA.

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Christy said...

The Pac 10 championships were on cable TV here in the States (or at least in Texas) today, and they showed a clip of Olivia's bars routine. She was SO excited when she stuck her double front dismount--hands waving and jumping up and down! Love her, and love your blog!