Monday, March 2, 2009

Perfect Ten


I REPEAT: In a period of just under 40 days, this blog has surpassed 10,0000 visitors.

10,000! In under 40 days! And to think, that's only since I've had the traffic counter and in actual fact I've been in operation for over 400 days!

When you think about that statistic, that's...




It makes me a very happy chapette (not to be confused with 'ladette'. Very different. Much less alcohol consumption and boobie action in the former. Slightly less chivalry in the latter).

Thank you, everyone, wherever you may be, for visiting and commenting and discussing and dissecting and reporting and contributing. Keep writing in, keep vlogging, keep sending me news, keep airing your views, keep letting the gymnasts know they're awesome.

This space is for people like you, by someone like you! I can't spell Australian Gymnastics Blog without 'us'!


Nic said...

thanks so much mez for creating a fantastic blog and congratulations on surpasing 10,000 visitors
im not at all surprised as its a fantastic site best recource ever!!
especially for people like me who love to be updated on my favourite gymnasts and the gymnastics world in general.
thanks Mez
xoxox keep up the great work!!!!!

Nic said...

Is it true chloe sims is competing for the university of utah?
if so when did she go over?

Mez said...

Chloe did sign with the University of Utah, this was confirmed by head coach Greg Marsden. However there is a rumour she didn't get clearance because she did her HSC over 3 years instead of 2. NCAA rules are finicky.

I have no further information on her NCAA progress.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Anonymous said...

I think she's training with them but can't compete for them until she's an actualy stuent. I think she's becoming a studnet in second semester.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I check your blog every day :) It's really good. I have learned so much about Australian gymnastics since I started reading it (I'm from CA and didn't know anything about the sport in Down Under). Thanks again!