Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leotard Catalogue Haiku

Dear Amber Fulljames
Please Stop Being Super Cute
It Is Criminal.

Amaya King-Koi
I Think It's Safe to Say That
The Same Goes For You!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, love them... I always end my haikus with 'hippopotomous' its both random and 5 syllables long... convenient!

nade00 said...

MLC posted some info about their performances at Gymnix on their website.

most notable:

Amelia did a double pike and double tuck on floor (which I think is notable since in the past she didn't have a double salto, only twisting passes IIRC). She also added a switch ring on BB.

Georgia Wheeler did a double front and double pike on floor.

Chloe Turko had 2 new D skills on floor.

Mez said...

Thanks, the newsletter got sent to me and I have updated some stuff in the MLC post :)