Sunday, March 8, 2009

D'oh Canada

Ok, I can't be the only one getting EXTREMELY confused as to which competition components belong to the Montreal World Cup and which bits belong to Gymnix's International Cup division...

It says results are 'still to come' for the World Cup events when, by all accounts, some of it should be completed already. According to GA, Emily Little managed a 4th on bars for what I assume is the World Cup component (although they say it was the International Cup division of Gymnix), as we established she didn't make any Gymnix finals and all girls went immediately through to apparatus 'finals' of the World Cup.

Amelia McGrath managed a 4th as well, this time on floor.

So to finish in the top 5 is a very good effort for both girls (particularly 13-year-old McGrath).

And I'm still confused.


Anonymous said...

The girls are wearing those pink and black leotards that were worn at 2007 AYOF and worlds.

Mez said...

If you've found a link to photos or video, would you mind pointing us to it?

Anonymous said...

i'm an idiot lol, here you go:

Anonymous said...

I was confused at first too. There are 3 different meets going on. The World Cup, International Cup, and the Junior Cup.

I think the 'still to come' results you're referring to are from the world cup prelims round. They ended up not having qualifications for the women because there weren't enough competitors. The final results for the first day of world cup finals are up now.

Emily (and all of the Australians) competed in the international cup. She finished 4th in the bars final. She qualified in 9th so I guess maybe someone dropped out which allowed her to be in the final.