Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Dasha Joura

I have a confession to make, four years in the making.

The very first time I saw you compete, in Melbourne in 2005, I thought everyone was calling you "Dasher".

Like the reindeer.

I thought it was an in-joke, because perhaps you were renowned for being quick (or just festive).

I was wrong. I apologise. I now know the truth. It won't happen again.

You're a goddess. Love what you're doing. Loooving it. Everything. All of it. Work it. Stay cool. Stay badass. We ain't got no beef.

We cool, we cool.

Um... please don't have me fired, Your Sassiness. *cowers*


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Dasha, does anyone know how her ankle is doing?

Wolfie said...

Shame on you, Mez. As a linguistics honours graduate, you would know that there are pronunciation difference between "Dasha" and "Dasher" (well, maybe not for us Aussies, lol).

Actually, your confession made me smile. :-)

And what IS the latest with our talented reindeer from WA?

Anonymous said...

If she was going to be a reindeer she'ld be Prancer ;)

Mez said...

Au contraire: she'd be Vixen!

Froggy said...

Nah!! Blitzen