Monday, March 16, 2009


1. I can't find results from the Gliders Invitational anywhere.

2. I won't be around tomorrow night to watch the gymnastics-related surprise on Who Can Shed the Flab Fastest Without Succumbing to Heart Failure or Humiliation on National Television? So the discussion will be amongst your fine selves until I catch it on YouTube.


VicGym said...

I had time to do a search and came up with this Mez.

VicGym said...

Sorry, still working out how to add links.
Scroll down on that link and you will find Gliders Invitational 2009

Mez said...

Thanks, VicGym.

I swear I checked that same site this morning and no results were posted!

Anonymous said...

It takes them a least 1-2 days after the meet to post results. The best places to look for results in the US are: and I like both those sites.