Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do Yourself a Favour...

And check these guys out.

Last night I saw The Cat Empire live here in Melbourne. A funk-tacular night was had by all. I was transported to my happy place once the music started (funnily enough, so were several thousand other people in the room).

What I found most impressive was that the support act was just as impressive as the headliners. This was my first encounter with Balkan quintet Paprika Balkanicus (yes, that IS their real name and no, I can't say it three times as fast as I can) and I hope it won't be my last. They had the audience clapping and cheering and swaying and rollicking well before TCE stepped onstage. I met them after the show and they were very obliging with photos and autographs.

At this point, I should point out that I may or may not be wishing to have illegitimate floppy-haired children with the Slovenian bass player...

All I can say is, if you're a gymnastics coach or choreographer looking for new floor music and you haven't yet found that perfect screechy-violin-accelerando-Zorba-sizzling-fiddle-Hungarian-clappy-HEY! piece yet, try these little nuggets on for size:


Niska Banja

Skylark/Introduction and Tarantella

And if all else fails, they do a great version of one of my favourite classical pieces (and appropriately so, given their nationalities), Czardas.

You can visit their website here (under construction, stay tuned) and find them on MySpace. I am yet to find out if their album is available at iTunes so you might want to investigate that one yourself. I bought mine at the gig.


mistysakura said...

Folk does make me happy. :) Glad to hear you had a good time at the gig! Mostly I'm a Britpop/hard rock/prog rock fan though. So, Aussie gymnastics news is slow, eh? :P

Mez said...

I don't mind a bit of Britpop meself.

The news is indeed slow, particularly given that we didn't send anyone to Germany for this weekend's Turner de Meister.