Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cooke Crook. Fans Sook.

According to a WAIS news update posted on March 12, as an afterthought to Gymnix results (for some reason), Team GB recruit Kayleigh Cooke has decided to retire due to a long-standing injury.

At just 17, it's disappointing that we didn't quite get see what she could do as a member of Team Australia. But injury is injury and it's no good flogging a dead... er... appendage? So if it's for the best then we (sadly) accept that we won't be seeing her in the prestigious WAIS line-up.

So best of luck, Kayleigh, in whatever you pursue and we wish you every ounce of health and happiness.


Anonymous said...

Aw...I hate it when female gymnasts have to retire so young (seventeen is young to me at least).

Anonymous said...

The Biggest Looser - Featuring Trampoline Coaches from Bankstown Youth Club

Bankstown Sports Youth Club coaches Karl Chippindall and Breeanna Boath, along with Athletes Greg Clune and Jacqueline Crawford, can be seen on Channel 10’s “The Biggest Loser” on Tuesday 17th March.

The Athletes did some Tumbling and Acrobatics and then proceded to help out coaches Karl and Bree show the contestants physical conditioning gymnastics style.

Michelle Mason, who coordinated the athlete routine and was there as a technical advisor on the day, said that it was a unique experience and any chance to get gymnastics on ‘Prime Time Television’ can only be a positive thing for the sport o gymnastics.

“It was great to meet the trainers Shannon, Michele, the contestants and JJ the host.” “These contestants certainly are an inspiration – giving up friends and family, while they work hard to achieve their goals” Says Michelle Mason.

Tune in on Tuesday 17th of March at 7.00pm on Channel 10

TBH, I'm kind of underhwelmed. I was expecting it to be athlete with a bit of a profile, like the WAG Olympic team.

mistysakura said...

Trampoline coaches... tumbling and acrobatics... "The Biggest LOOSER"... does the person who originally posted this information (no, not Anonymous on ozgymblog, but their source) know what they're talking about? Trampoline =/= acro. Sigh.