Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Bonanza!

Almighty thanks and worship to Nade, for capturing the Dasha/Lauren pre-Beijing story off the Channel 9 website. Hurrah hurrah, I'd been hanging out for this!

Not only that... but she's captured the 'Channel 7 Beijing Fanatic' video of the Olympic girls visiting the Great Wall of China.

Learn!... Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning!
Cringe!... At the sight of their precious team final leotards getting wet!
Observe!... Olivia's humble beginnings in sports journalism!

Aaaaaand those WA boys are at it again.


nade00 said...

Yeh, I got some new software to get stuff off youtube and figured I'd see if it would work for that. Audio a little wonky but better than nothing I suppose.

Right now I'm uploading the vid of the girls visiting the Great Wall so check back.

Anonymous said...

What day were the girls at the Great Wall? It poured with rain the day we went, too! :)

Anonymous said...

The Junior National Training Camp list has been posted.

Most notable: The return of Rachel Collister to elite, absence of all QAS girls - Amaya King-Koi, Bridget Beattie, Breanah McArthur (and last I heard Katie Wurth was supposedly training there too, and she was on the old lists).

Either all are retired, none of them made it or for some reason they're not going. Anyone know? I'd hate it if they were all done with gymnastics so soon.

A lot of the VIC HPC International 10s made the list too.

Wolfie said...

Dasha is all class, isn't she? And Lauren is lovely.

I think they're both terrific.

Nade, I've seen that before, but it was great to see it again. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My guess is they have decided not to go. Maybe due to the distance - isn't the next camp in Perth? I know that WAIS have missed the odd camp when they are held in the East. This seems more likely than that their entire junior squad has quit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there is still no official announcement on the QAS website for the Program Manager/Head Coach. The camps are compulsory if you have been selected - unless of course you can't go due to injury.

Anonymous said...

QAS is not attending due to wanting gymnasts to be fit and well with limited funding. Junior camps are not fully funded for all gymnasts - only the top 6. Darren Webster is the acting head coach, doing a good job from what has been said. Amber will attend the next senior camp with Karina, so we will see then. Jo Richards is due to test the Queensland gymnasts in May, close to the camp, they may have opted to train for the IDEAL testing instead of going all the way to Canberra. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

so why is Chantelle not going? Still injured?

Nic said...

Does anyone know why Aussies never go to the tyson American cup?
or do you have to be invited or something?

Anonymous said...

Dasha Joura went a couple of years ago. I think it is an invitation event. It is always early in the year so that could be also why Aussies do not go much.