Sunday, May 17, 2009

All A-Twitter

The Australian Gymnastics Blog is back on Twitter after a short absence and then a short period of making it my personal account.

So watch out for future gym-related tweets and twob-servations!


Anonymous said...

for all you Vics out there I would check out the latest news item re: State champs on the GV website. A nice surprise awaits.

Anonymous said...

The results from trial 1 are up. I gotta say, it isn't looking like Britt will be making the world team this year. Her AA total was 50.550, and her ub/bb/fx DVs were 3.4/4.7/4.7 -it doesn't seem she is quite ready because even under the new code that is not really world-class level difficulty.

Zoe scored 49.1.