Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Aussie Gym on TV!

Via Froggy via Simone Greig of Waverley Gymnastics-

7:30pm tomorrow night (Friday May 8th) on Fox Sports 2, the AFL footy program "Before the Bounce" will feature football players and a cricketer trying gymnastics with Waverley gymnasts Emma Dennis, Shona Morgan and Georgia Bonora.

Correction - The program will air at 6:30pm on Fox Sports 1 and again at 7:30pm on Fox Sports 2.

Your move, Iron Chef...

Gymnastics Australia has updated us on the segment, but says it's Fox 8 and not Fox Sports???

Football legends (and presenters of 'Before the Bounce') Jason Dunstall and Danny Frawley undertook a contest to see who was the "best" at the sport of gymnastics. This contest was gamely umpired by Cricket legend Damien Fleming and cheered on by the Waverley gymnasts (and parents) who were surprised at the entertainment provided for their training on Tuesday morning.

The outcome of this exciting event, which included some ballet and stretching, bar lessons from Beijing Olympian Georgia Bonora, Vault lessons from fellow Olympian Shona Morgan, self choreographed Beam and Floor routines by the football boys (whilst being heckled by Emma Dennis!), spectacular football marks off the vaulting table and some hilarious pit races, will be showing this Friday at on 7.30pm on fox8.


Sam said...

I hope someone posts this somewhere. I love Australian gymnastics but it's kind of hard to follow here in the US.

nade00 said...

I will try and record it. I am happy they are getting some media attention!

Thanks for the heads up...

Anonymous said...

can someone make sure they record it and put it on youtube?

Anonymous said...

It's also on Fox Sports 1 at 6:30pm.