Monday, May 18, 2009

Man Drought

Oh dear.

I've been neglecting the boys again.

Horse Whisperers...

Australia's MAG squad, namely Philippe Rizzo, Josh Jefferis, Prashanth Sellathurai, Sam Simpson, Matthew Curtis, Sam Offord and visiting athletes Sean O'Hara, Martin Jozwiak, Michael Mercieca, Jack Rickards, Mitchell "Yes, I realise my name consists of the surnames of two of the best WAG squad members" Morgans, Declan Stacey and Dominic Bedggood, have been training in Canberra. Sellathurai and Curtis are preparing for their trip to Russia, as you may already know.

Sadly, Rizzo reportedly sustained an ankle injury during training. Best wishes for a speedy recovery; hope he'll be well enough to aim for London later in the year.

*sigh* So wonewy...

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