Sunday, May 24, 2009

YouTube = Yawn.

I wasn't kidding when I said YouTube would take an eternity. I've already tried to upload one video three times, and it's taken ages, though my cantankerous web connection isn't helping much.

In my collection I have (unless I'm wrong with the IDs... again...):

Amelia McGrath (I think), vault

MLC beam. ID help please? I thought Alex B-A but I might be wrong.
Georgia Wheeler, beam (I had to listen for the cheers on this one, it's hard!)
Grace Claringbold, bars
Tierra Exum, floor
Amelia McGrath, beam
Isis Lowrey, floor
Grace Flood (I think), beam

More video links will be up in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

The MLC beam routine is Alex Byers Armstrong.

gymmum said...

Hi Mez,

Yes that's Alex.

Anonymous said...

Your a legend Mez

Keep up loading

Much appreciated!

shelley said...

results are up

Anonymous said...

Looking at the various results across the trials in all states, GA are looking at having less than 9 girls competing in each IDP division given qualifying is so hard.

It doesn't look like any state will be able to field teams for the team competition, so they are going to have to do something about that.

They have timetabled (foolishly) separate sessions for each level, so they will have 4 rotation groups with 2 girls in each. Crazy. The meet will take 15 minutes!

Monica Sloane has a 4.8 DV on UB (one of the highest JNRs by far, compare to Britt Greeley's 3.9 as a senior) and decent DV on BB and FX well above the minimum, yet because she has only a 4.0 VT and not a 4.4 VT she can't go. That is ridiculous IMO.

Anonymous said...

I too think the situation with qualifying scores is silly and may have many gymnasts who shouldn't, miss out on the opportunity to compete. As far as I can tell there are 10 qualified IDP 6's (the other levels are too hard to work out) between NSW, VIC and WA. None of these are from the VIC HPC. NSW and WA have 4 each and VIC has 2 from Waverley from what I can work out. I think that maybe if they can qualify on 3 apparatus they should be eligible to compete. It will be a great shame if there is no team event. I would like to see teams of 6 from each state where possible.

Nik said...

NSW is doing an extra TWO trials to try to qualify girls through...
'wo more qualification trials exist for athletes seeking to represent NSW at Nationals in the IDP stream'

Pretty tough stance they must be taking

nade00 said...

I can't believe GA hasn't loosened the requirements given less than 10% of IDP gymnasts that trialled actually qualified!

Even if they changed it just for this year to AA score only (regardless of difficulty) that would include a lot more girls who can clearly perform what they are doing very well but may have a slight deficiency on one apparatus.

I'm all for strategies to improve difficulty but you need to have smart implementation. You can't require that all these new skills and routines be perfected in the 3-4 months the IDP girls had to prepare.

This suddenly aggressive approach will definitely see a lower attrition rate. Gymnasts will not want to train all those hours and be denied a spot at nationals. How disheartening.

I can also see coaches pushing their athletes too hard too soon. As much as they claim it is not meant to encourage this, if you are working with an athlete you are going to do everything you can to enusre that they qualify.

Just my opinion.