Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Here is where I unleash my inner trashbag.

Did anyone see tonight's episode of Australia's Next Top Glamourised Clothes Horse?

Because apparently there was something gymnastic-y about it but I wasn't home to see it.


I could be wrong. The wiki entry was of no help.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the episodes are eventually posted on youtube, it was quite funny, the models were awful gymnasts but Stacey and Dasha were great. Definately worth watching for a laugh!

nade00 said...

I will upload the clip tomorrow - it was rather amusing. You only really see Dasha doing some splits and a couple of forward rolls but it was still cool.

She wore that lovely black and white leotard from Beijing podium training with the green and gold ribbons in the chest area. I wish we would see that leo in competition, it is really classy.

Froggy said...

Check it out here ...