Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vic State Trial 1

Mountains of thanks to MistySakura for doing ground reconnaissance.

Some videos from the event, featuring VWHPC and MLC gymnasts, can be found here. Nice vault from Britt.

Note the GRIPS gymnast using Lisa Skinner's 'Arabian Princess' music!

The Australian Gymnastics Blog endeavours to be at the second Victorian trial, do say hello if you're there.

Are state team trials happening in
your state? Drop me a line at and let us all know about the movers and shakers representing your corner of the country at Nationals '09! Media items are particularly appreciated!


Nic said...

or that mez
I must say im very confused about how the whole thing works though
are these trials to qualify for nationals?

Nic said...

*thanks for that*

Anonymous said...

Re Most discussed on YouTube

Does anyone know how to view these dicussions


Mez said...

As far as I can tell, yes. They're the trials for the Victorian nationals team (and not for any other event; though no doubt Peggy's getting word fed to her about girls to keep an eye on).

Don't know if they're making results public or not. Would love to know the scores.

Anonymous said...

The start list is up for the WA trial. Dasha is not competing, so maybe she's not intending to try for nationals and worlds this year. Lauren is supposed to be competing. Another notable omission is junior Georgia Simpson.

In NSW there aren't any seniors but the best juniors seem to be Monica Sloane and Sophie Budack who had high SV but low E scores.

The Couch Gymnast said...

hey Mez, Me daft. Where and when are 2nd Victorian trials?

Anonymous said...

GV usually post the results but you won't be able to tell just by looking at the results if someone has passed qualifications as there are some rule around the D score for those in Junior and below. for example for Junior bars you have a min. qual. score of 2 for your D score but you must have all you CR's except for D dismount.
Vic trial 2 is on the 23rd at the VHPC again

Anonymous said...

So Any Standout future stars in Trial 1 ????

Any girls that may have had a bad day but will shine in Trial 2 ??

Anonymous said...

Grace Flood - Inter 8 - Fantastic