Friday, May 8, 2009

Liveblogging Before the Bounce

I admit, I was miffed that viewers were implored early into the show 'not to watch the [gymnastics] segment' by Jason Dunstall because of its apparently embarrassing nature, regardless of the plea being a joke or sarcasm. I mean, come on... the girls are on it for the exposure, and if you're an old footballing fart not keen on being seen doing kooky gymnastics tricks, don't do the segment!


So the girls will appear as part of the Yesterday's Hero Challenge. It is, in short, a zany 9 minutes of large guys in footy gear who used to be somebodies nearly bending the uneven bars and belly-flopping onto mats in every way possible, off every feasible piece of apparatus. Well, that's what the preview shots make us believe anyway.

Thank goodness they weren't in leotards is all I can say! (They are in Skins though).

Ballet? Fail.

Stretching? Fail.

Chalking up? Fail.

Georgia does hip circles and toe-ons on bars to start them off. Aaaand of course the guys couldn't follow suit.

*CLUNK* goes the beatboard!

"You guys've got insurance, right?" quips one on-looking coach.

Out comes the flippy score-card.

Headstands and weird cartwheel attempts on the floor mat, and look - forward rolls! (Sorry, rolly-pollies).

Emma and Shona look on and laugh at their tumbling efforts. Looks like fun!

"Spud " attempts a rhythmic-style routine with his St Kilda flag.

Ah, the old 'battered sav'! Roy and HG would be proud.

At least they managed to (nearly) walk the whole length of the beam without falling!

And one jump without a fall, go Dunstall! Much improved!

Emma delivers a pantomime style "Come on, get on with it!" as Dunstall dismounts with a semi-demi-backsault. With John Hart spotting (looking very terrified).

They go over the vault table and not into it, which is impressive. Granted, it takes huffing and puffing (and a rope to pull them out of the foam pit)!

Wow, Dunstall does a pretty good beginner's handspring vault! Bent legs and all but... good for someone who's never been on a vault runway before! Most would cower at the thought of going head-over-heels rather blindly.

Very brief comments from Georgia about the boys, great improvising! "It was a bit... iffy!"

The guys' performances are tied so they do a running race through the foam pit to declare the winner. Jason Dunstall wins, Hawthorn scarf on head and all.

This one was a lot more fun than the Top Model cameo, it's just a shame the girls didn't get to demonstrate more!

ETA: Thanks as always to Nade, who captured the segment for all to see here!!!


Anonymous said...

Can't forget the mother who fell off the chair laughing!

Anonymous said...

Ha that was very amusing and how was Dunstalls back sault off the beam! Thanks for that.

Oz said...

Mez, quick question, what have you done with your life?

Jason may be a retired footballer but he is one of the greatest footballers in history and if you can rival that, I would like to hear it.

On the other hand, if you can't, BACK OFF! Just because a person who was well reknowned for their skill level and ability to play a sport that then dubbed them a celebrity doesn't give you the right to defame them especially when Jason was possibly the most modest player that has ever graced this earth!

Mez said...

I didn't say he was a bad footballer. I didn't say he was a bad person. I didn't say he wasn't modest.

I said he and the other guy "used to be somebodies" which is partly true - they're now retired but they USED TO BE huge names. Footballers often play up this angle - note that the segment was called Yesterday's Heroes. Their doing, not mine.

I did, however, raise the fact that I didn't like the way he said "Don't watch the segment!" before it had even started, even if it was a joke. It seemed unprofessional, however professional a commentator he may be otherwise (which I'm sure he is... he's hosting a highly-rated, nationally-screening television show!)

My mum and my brother are massive Hawthorn fans so I know what Dunstall has done in the past. I certainly haven't said I could rival his efforts and I certainly wouldn't try. I don't understand why my minor comments have irked you so much when surely, being a football enthusiast, you know how personal and cruel people GOING TO GAMES, SITTING IN THE STANDS AND ACTUALLY ADDRESSING THE PLAYERS TO THEIR FACES can be. I've certainly not labelled him with half the abusive crap that supporters of an opposing team would have called him in his prime.

If you think one little gymnastics blog taking a skewed view is worthy of flaming, maybe avoid the back sections of The Herald Sun... and any AFL fan forums while you're at it. There are people there that are deserving of being told to back off, thanks.

Have a great day.