Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everything I Wanted To Know From GA...

...But Was Too Afraid To Ask.

Wow, are these guys hitting it out of the ballpark this week or what!? Some great news updates are happening, they are really answering demand (speaking of which, a few more videos from Saturday's trial are up so check those out if you're interested).

Ok then.

This is all from their latest news release:

With the 2009 National Championships due to kick off the 2009 domestic season, next week will see a number announcements relating to Women's Gymnastics.

1. Australian Team to the 2009 Japan Cup
Gymnastics Australia will be sending a team of five gymnasts to compete at the 2009 Japan Cup. The event will be held in Tokyo (JPN) from the 18-19th July immediately following the 2009 National Championships and will feature an International Team competition. The competition format will follow that of a Team Final (ie Comp IV rules) with five team members forming the team, three to compete on each apparatus and all three scores counting towards the team apparatus total. It is expected that the Australian Team will be named early next week.

2. Definitive Entries for the 2009 National Championships
Entries to the 2009 National Championships close next week, with states required to list their team members by name. In the year following an Olympic Games it is always interesting to see which athletes choose to participate in the National Championships and compete for national honours. It is expected that in addition to some familiar faces, we will also see some up and coming athletes take centre stage at the 2009 National Championships.

3. Athlete Update - Dasha Joura
Early next week, Gymnastics Australia in conjunction with the Western Australian Institute of Sport will provide an athlete update on Dasha Joura. It is well known that Dasha's participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was hampered by an ankle injury sustained in podium training and that this injury has further delayed her return to full competition preparation in 2009. Gymnastics Australia is aware that fans of Dasha are keen to hear of her progress and to this end will provide an update on Dasha and her plans for the 2009 competition season next week.


Anonymous said...

This is what we need more of from GA. I read on International Gymnast a while back that Australians were going to the Japan Cup but I didn't know if it was true or not. At least there is going to be some international competition before worlds. It will be interesting to hear about Dasha but the sounds of it she is planning to continue, next year is a big year, Pac Rim in Melbourne, CGW and worlds.

The Couch Gymnast said...

Ta for Dasha update Mez. You know, you are so good at giving the good/important goss, i hardly ever look at GA! I know you'll tell us what we need to know!
Woot on all counts!!!!!
Nats are in Wa aren't they?
Are PacRims really in smelbs next year? THAT is exciting!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about Pac Rim in melbourne next year! Wow! How exciting! Anyone know when exactly they are?

Anonymous said...

I am super excited for PacRim.

Hisense Arena (Artistic & Acrobatics)
27/4/2010 Training
28/4/2010 Podium Training
29/4/2010 MAG Team
30/4/2010 WAG Team
1/5/2010 MAG Finals
2/5/2010 WAG Finals

mistysakura said...

Hi GA, I know you're reading this ;) Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

I put this post about Britt and Commonwealth Games but as it is an older post i thought people who are interested might miss it.
I took the liberty of emailing the Commonwealth Games Foundation to see if they would answer my question about age and they answered back the next day. The response:
"The Gymnastics competition at all future Commonwealth Games (including Delhi 2010) will be conducted in full compliance with the FIG rules for senior competition. Participants must be 16 or over."

At least that clears that up

Wolfie said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for confirming this information about Commonwealths for us. :-)

I think it's a shame that they've raised the age, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if FIG raised the age again in the future.