Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Model Misbehaviour

Thanks everyone for the heads-up.

Stacey and Dasha (could this blog love those two ladies more? I thought not until now) did in fact appear on ANTM. Good on 'em. Natural beauties if ever one saw them. They do well with the- let's face it - pretty patronising situation they're given.

Watch this clip (1:00 onwards) to see what happened. You can also see a repeat of the episode today at 2pm on Fox8 if you have Austar/Foxtel. Dasha is eleven hundred times classier than the bulk of these girls, notably Cassi who is clearly this season's love-her-or-hate-her housemate. I am surprised Miss D didn't get to show off more of her repertoire (when the flamenco guitar started I got excited), or that Stacey didn't get to fix up the models' posture, something that was raised in the first episode last week. But any publicity is good publicity for the sport in this country, so three cheers for that.

(Actually, I'm more surprised the two lovely ladies didn't PUNCH JONATHAN PEASE IN HIS SHINY BOY-MAN FACE for being a perpetual tosspot. And the vests, geez! Always with the frickin' vests!)

I personally loved this entertainment blogger's hilarious take on the events. Oh, to have such a way with words...

Back at model HQ and this time it's Madison's turn to win a Logie, by entering stage left and shouting "Hey guys, I think there's something outside!".

What they find in their driveway has clearly come DIRECTLY FROM MY NIGHTMARES - a bunch of midgets in leotards doing flips and somersaults in the rain.

"And then one of the girls pulled a Sarah Mail out of her..." begins Franky, but is drowned out by the sounds of my screaming. Sorry, I'm not sure where that midget pulled that envelope from - you'll have to use your imagination.

Using a crappy quote about falling over (from "anonymous" - come ON guys, couldn't you just get Blondie McPins [aka host Sarah Murdoch] to say something and then attribute it to her?) the Sarah Mail sends the models off to another gym where Pease tells them they're about to be "challenged in every sense of the word".

Unless he's talking to the viewers (who are currently being challenged just to stay awake) I think Pease really means "challenged in just ONE sense of the word -physically", as the models are made to don sparkly leotards and learn a gymnastics routine. Watching a bunch of uncoordinated girls attempting to do the splits is about as interesting as it sounds, save for the part when Cassi does the worm and pulls a muscle in her shoulder. Clare is determined the winner of the lamest challenge in ANTM history for making her leotard look fashionable or something, and is rewarded with a ticket to the ballet with Blondie McPins.

The next five "challenging" minutes of the episode are filled with Mikarla debating with Cassi about how bad her sprained muscle may or may not be, Clare and Tahnee getting ready to go to the ballet, and me yawning and checking my watch.


Anonymous said...

What i don't understand is GA made this big deal about gymnastics being on tv but it was a huge secret and then the week before the biggest loser they make this big fuss for everybody to tune in to watch 2 unknown acrobats prance along the floor. But this episode of ANTM has Australia's leading gymnast and GA don't give us a single hint?!?!

Anonymous said...

Ah well, it was some amusing viewing. Watching these leggy girls trying to do "Roly-Polys" did make me chuckle and also to see them hanging off the bars trying to look pretty. I missed what club it was held at?

Mez said...

Westfields Gymnastics, I think Pease Porridge said?

Anonymous said...

I can't understand GA either. Weeks ago they said something about at least one national team member being on TV. But then they didn't tell us to watch the show.

Anonymous said...

These types of shows have confidentiality agreements that all must sign--they were gagged!

Froggy said...

OMG. Now I know why I don't watch that show. What a bunch of .... I don't have a word suitably dismissive. (Oooh, I'm feeling all superior)


Wolfie said...

I'm with Froggy. I loathe these types of shows. Gah!

As for the challenge, how bloody ridiculous. The girls looked like utter dorks. Channel 10, why do you insist on humiliating people like this? Even 16-year-old "princesses" deserve a bit a dignity. What were the producers thinking? Oh, that's right - this type of lame Channel 10 reality program is actually wanted by the public.

It's always nice to see Aussie gymnastics on the idiot box, and I adore Dasha and Stacey, but wow - how embarrassing. I cringed for the entire 10 minutes of that clip.

Mez said...
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Mez said...

Why they didn't capitalise on the pair's dance/performance experience and have them show off posture, poise and balance I will never understand. Stretching and flexibility and warming up, yes. Forward rolls, no. Modelling leotards DEFINITELY NO. Leave that to well-developed athletes, not stick insects with bad hair.

I keep thinking, "They could have put them to FAR better use. ANTM is a ratings boom for Foxtel, it could have done wonders for Miss D's image seeing as some young women watch the show looking for some semblance of role model. Dasha is it, dammit, not those morons! And Stacey, too, shows you that a good, healthy figure can come from dance and NOT eating two mere lettuce leaves a day".

I actually don't mind the photography they show on Next Top Model (America's rather than Australia's if truth be told). I mean, airbrushing is at play I know, but I often try and tune in to the END of an episode to see the finished products. Don't much care for the contestants or the critiques.

That said, I caught part of last week's episode where one model said to another, "I didn't say that you ARE selfish. I said you COME ACROSS selfish. It's different." These are our future fashion figureheads? Really?

It's just like being back in high school, sitting behind the beautiful clique in the classroom. Nice to look at, barely a brain cell between them. And the sour attitudes, my stars...

Anonymous said...

I believe the Waverley girls will be appearing in an upcoming footy show "Before the game" or "Before the bounce". Be interesting to see some footy players doing "Roly-Polys" ha ha !!!

Anonymous said...

I think people need to quit over-analysing lighthearted reality TV and move really is a waste of time to moan about what they did and didn't do.

Does it really matter that much? It's total trash TV anyway so I don't know why anyone is expecting it to be on the level of Pride and Prejudice.

The show is about modelling, not Dasha, so it is not hard to understand why they didn't focus on her.

They couldn't give a damn about providing good role models for teenage girls, they only care about ratings.

Wolfie said...

Dear Anonymous (May 7, 2009 1:05 PM),

You wrote: "I think people need to quit over-analysing lighthearted reality TV and move on".

You are absolutely entitled to your opinion (and I agree with 0ne or two of your assertions), but to be honest, I don't find these shows "lighthearted" - I find them obnoxious and exploitative. They offend me and I choose not to watch them.

The public FINALLY woke up about Big Brother, so I live in hope that it will wake up about this crap too. We the people deserve to be treated like intelligent thinking beings - not like moronic lemmings.

Then again, "Australia's Moronic Home Videos" has been running for many years, so maybe I'm the odd one out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wolfie - i can't stand Aus Funniest Home Videos - the few times i didn't make it time to change the chanel i found it's not funny at all - just really stupid - what get's me is the amount of prize money people get for a vid of some kid counting in the bath - which after the hundreth time they show it just gets worse.

Step It Up: said...

On the ep of ANTM... at the very start. Where were the little gymnasts who produced the 'Sarah Mail' from?? Were they also Westfields gymnasts? I thought they did a great job!!