Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Weeeeellllllll International Gymnast apparently has a new interview with Peggy Liddick up today, with what I am sure are insightful tidbits about the WAG squad.

But the site is down and it is not accessible (yet).

Stay tuned.


*paws feebly at screen*


Anonymous said...

I read it a couple of hours ago before the site crashed. Peggy said that because it is an individual world championships she is focusing on the girls individually. She says she is happy that at least 4 of the olympic team are continuing. Apparently Dasha's ankle has not completely healed and she is not sure about her for world championships this year.

nade00 said...

It was a lame interview. It basically had no info in it at all except a few cryptic comments from Peggy.

I don't really know why they bothered, since she even said during it she was not going to comment on who was looking good for worlds.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Dasha's ankle? I understand that injuries are serious but it's been 9 months and it's not like she had surgery and has been having serious rehab.

Looks like Lauren and Shona are the front runners for a spot at worlds. One of the juniors will probably get to go too. Here's hoping Dasha is back in time.

When are the W.A state championships?

nade00 said...

I actually wouldn't mind seeing some other girls get worlds this year, besides Dasha. It seems she is taking it slow and rather than rush and be less than stellar I think it's a nice opportunity to give others the experience.

I hope to see any of Lauren, Shona, Georgia, Amber, Emma and Melanie Jones. If Mel J has upgraded her 2 vaults then it'd be worth sending her as a specialist since the vault field will be very weak this year. I would send Georgia and Shona as the AAers and then Lauren for FX/BB.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Dasha's ankle is taking so long to heal as well.The couple of interviews she gave late last year, one in a Perth newspaper and in international gymnast indicated she was healing well and wanted to compete this year. I guess it could be possible for her to go as an apparatus specialist if she can't do AA, UB/FX maybe. It would be a good chance for some others to get a chance to go to worlds if she is not right. I think WA state championships are in June.

Mez said...

Site still not working.

If Dasha isn't fit for AA, I would still love to see her be well enough to go as a floor or bars specialist. Particularly floor, she deserves to be a finallist at last!

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen so far this year floor is going to be a lacklustre final. I really want to see Dasha's new floor routine, so even if she goes just for that it would be nice. She deserves to have at least one big win in her career, especially since her floor routine at last year's nationals was the best culmination of difficulty, artistry and personalality for the entire quad.

Anonymous said...

If I were her I'd be aiming for the 2010 CWG AA title. Her main competition will be Becky Downie probably, but she is capable of winning it for sure (as I think Shona or Georgia would be if they upgraded a little).

It seems, given this late stage, that maybe 2009 worlds is a bit of a lost cause. At the very least she would have needed some upgrades to challenge for a medal and obviously with the injury that's unlikely. I also think she started Uni this year, so she is probably enjoying having a bit of time off and adjusting to her new life. After working so hard and leading the team for these past few years it's probably a great chance for her to let her hair down.

Wolfie said...

The heading of the article 'Aussies may "Make Big Move" this Year' doesn't really match the content IMHO.

The content or the article is quite tame - i.e. no claims of expected success as per the heading - and I guess it dances around real or new information for passionate Aussie gym fans. To be fair, however, I'm guessing the rest of the world would be grateful for this information.

Peggy discusses how happy she is that four Olympic gymnasts are continuing, and she also says that she's not rushing Ashleigh to decide whether or not she's retiring and she's not rushing Dasha to return until her ankle is healed.

How bad is Dasha's ankle injury? It's either (a) really bad or (b) a means of taking a well-earned wee break. I really hope it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

Dasha did have surgery on her ankle. Apparently she needs to have another op.

Anonymous said...

If Dasha does need another ankle operation then I don't think she'll be at worlds. I hopes she says around for next years CWG