Monday, May 18, 2009

Calling Team (B)Ambi Vic Contingent!

GV has announced that interstate and NZ athletes will be competing alongside Victoria at June's State Championships.

The following WAG athletes will compete -

Amber Fulljames, Senior International (QLD) (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!)

Lani Hohepa, Junior International (NZ)

Holly Moon, Junior International (NZ)

Jordan Rae, Junior International (NZ)

Amaya King Koi, Junior International (QLD) (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!)

Bridget Beattie, Junior International (QLD)

Brittany George, Junior International (QLD)

Ruth Neeves, Junior International (SA)

While the MAGs will face off against -

Sebastian Hui, Senior International (NSW)

Michael Mercieca, Senior International (NSW)

Declan Stacey, Under 17 (NSW)

Mitchell Morgans, Under 17 (NSW)

Jack Rickards, Under 17 (NSW)

And the rhythmic team (aka Vic Chicks With Ribbons and Sticks... I made that up myself, five points for clever rhymitude) will compete alongside -

Olympia Gymnastics Sports (NZ)

PLC Sydney (NSW)

Chatswood North Ryde Rhythmic Gymnastics (NSW)

Pymble Ladies' College (NSW)

Alright, that's it. I simply MUST find a t-shirt printing outlet and get shirts happening. Meanwhile am waiting to hear from GV regarding my volunteer status....


Anonymous said...

okay, can anyone say once and for all WTH happened to Katie Wurth!? She disappeared into thin air....

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the Queensland girls won't compete at the Queensland State Championships? Or are they simply getting an additional assignment?

Anonymous said...

i here katie wurth is up in queensland training at the QAS! dont no wether she is going to nationals!

Anonymous said...

how can the queensland girls afford to come all the way down to victoria for victorian champs but not to go half way, to canberra for a national training camp? puzzling.