Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear Waverley Gymnastics

...can I hug you?

For real?

I think you're just great. Really. You all just seem like one big, happy suburban family full of laughter and affable, apple-cheeked, admirable individuals who sometimes get up to zany antics.

But loveable antics.

Antics that make one want to ruffle your collective hair and go, "Dyaaw, run along you little scamps. I couldn't possibly be mad at you".

Loving it.
All of it.
The whole thing.
That thing you're doing with the success and everything.
It's great.
You're great.

Aaaand... everything's just great!


nswgymnast said...

hopefully this link works!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone go to Vic trial 1 this morning? It'd be great to hear about the skills of Britt, Zoe, Svetlana, Tierra, Angela, and the Collisters.

Anonymous said...

No waverley gymnasts came to trial 1 nor did svetlana. Zoe and britt were great

Anonymous said...

The Vic team is looking very imposing this year, looking at their numbers. 7 seniors, 8 juniors and 11 Inter 10s I have counted. They could make up the whole next Olympic team with the quality of their girls as well.

Anonymous said...

apparently all the waverley girls were injured so did not compete.
saw some very nice work on bars from clare o'donnell from mlc (i think she recently added a tkatchev - very high!!), a very nice high yurchenko layout from alex byers armstrong and britt did a beautiful 1 1/2 on vault. didn't see much as i had to leave early.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's pretty sad and unusual if all their girls are injured. I hope they can still compete at nationals and states.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a big call to suggest that Vic may make up the entire next olympic team this far out from London.

Anonymous said...

It's a big call but when you think about it's not that crazy. A whole lot of WA Int 10s and Jnrs have retired recently, QAS and AIS have collapsed financially, NSW has no proper elite program.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Waverley girls will all be just fine by trial 2 and we still see some brilliant gymnastics from them for Vics and Nationals. I seem to remember they were all sick or injured last year at trial one as well, and went on to perform admirably later. The only one I recall carrying an injury from last year was Angela Donald.

Nic said...

Has anyone uploaded footage of vic trial 1 ?
and were was it held?

mistysakura said...

Videos are up on my channel. I only caught the last rotation because I had to be elsewhere in the morning. Chloe Claringbold has sprained a tendon in her right forearm and was working the music. After the comp, Britt was resting her foot on this thingy:

Could someone please id the third and fourth gymnasts in this photo?

Oh, and it was at the VWHPC. Next trial's 23rd Mary at same place, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Misty,

I get a page that asks for a password when I try that link .. Am I doing something wrong??

mistysakura said...

Re: Anonymous at 5:19,

Sorry, looks like the links got chopped off. Take 2:

Anonymous said...

Misty - then 3rd and the 4th girls are Georgia Wheeler and Alex Byers-Armstrong from MLC but i always get mixed up with which one is which

Anonymous said...

third from the left is georgia wheeler and fourth (the taller one with wrist guards) is alex byers armstrong, both from MLC