Thursday, May 21, 2009

Georgia (Is Evidently Not) On My Mind

I really need birthday reminders, people. I'm shocking!

Australian Gymnastics Blog wishes a very happy belated birthday to Beijing's Lucky Number 13, Victorian star Georgia Bonora. Three cheers for the bubbly, smiley, hard-working young performer from the exciting Waverley program. Fans do love a nice Comaneci and Rulfova.

We love ya, G-Bo.
Your Mum's a pretty groovy lady too.

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Lauren won some kind of award in WA for Womens Sport.

There is a lovely pic of her and Martine.

Anonymous said...

Martine also won an award on the same night. Lauren's was juniour sportperson of the year and Martine was coach of the year in the Womensport West Awards.